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Racist Teacher? Please Look



Opinions please..


I like his mustache. I recently experimented with one myself, though it was more of a fu-manchu.


This guy couldn't teach a dog to lick his nuts. Time to find a new job....trained to handle that situation in that way? Doubtful.


Let's not even pretend that this was a balanced story.

The young man involved is introduced as approaching sainthood. The teacher is just "an English teacher."
"Some students" say they didn't hear the young man use the word first. So does that mean that other students did hear him use it?

The teacher sounds like a bumbler who should have known better.

The student sounds like a spoiled, self-righteous child who was hoping to get a teacher fired. I'm sure the thought that this man might have a family or might go hungry because of losing his job never occurred to him.

But I guess everyone is just praying for any chance to feel outrage these days.


I know teachers who could have pulled off the "sit down n****!!!" or whatever he said. Some teachers are cool and some teachers are not, this guy obviously was trying to be and did it the wrong way.

I definitely dont think he should lose his job over it.


10 days without pay and diversity training? Not too bad. I once got suspended out of school and had to go to "sensitivity training" for 10 days for telling a girl she had nice tits. However, I don't think the training had quite the impact the administrators intended.


"...This guy couldn't teach a dog to lick his nuts..."

DAMN fine line, dmarz!



I should clarify that I think the administration's response was about right.


The man had flip charts. Flip charts. Everything about this guy screams "trying too hard."


Come on! This guy is not racists.
He jsut made an embarassing mistake,but he's not racist.


an embarassing mistake? No he's racist, and he should be fired. He's a teacher for christ sake, how smart is it to have a stupid teacher? If he wants to do things that students do then students might as well teach themselves, what do you need a teacher for? On top of that english? I'm sure he will give a kid an F if he used all ebonics in his grammar, so why in the world would he use it?


"hey everybody, it's that n*****-guy."


That teacher is totally harmless, he just wanted to use "street jargon" but he forgot that he's white.

The media makes such a big deal for this kinda stuff it's unbelieveable.
It's not that the teacher went to school wearing nazi symbols ,KKK flags or stuff like that.

He just used the wrong word ! Give him a break.


I've had well over a hundred black teachers in my life, not one of them ever called a student a n**** while on school grounds. I've had my share of white teachers none of them have ever used the world n**** to refer to a student. Why should he?

Give him a break? He is either stupid or wants to be fired so do it for him. They said he was suspended before, he probably did something stupid before or wanted to get fired before why would you keep a stupid teacher? are you all for teaching kids to be stupid?


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Whenever, I hear this type of response it makes me wonder why non blacks seem to be offended over not being given a free pass to use this word. To me the word was born out of time when a black person was owned, whipped, and bought and sold like cattle. It carried over to time when they were relegated to the back of the bus and not drinking from certain water fountains. It was never used by the white men who created it in anything other then the most derogatory way.

Finally it was adopted by it's target group as a symbolic sign of recognition of having endured the same hardships first from the plantation then to the ghetto. I agree it's an ugly word and I don't use it, but why does it bother you a white man isn't able to use it indiscriminately without raising eyebrows?

As far as the teacher goes in any institution worth it's salt there is a thing called standards which need to be adhered to. Whether it's a Chinese teacher calling a student a honkey or a Polish teacher calling a latino a wetback whether it's meant to be funny or used to it's fullest hostile and ugly meaning it shouldn't be tolerated. This teacher should have been reprimanded and counseled that if they wanted to keep teaching they should refrain from this type of language.



See what low teacher pay gets us? Some fucking asshole that should be stamping cans at a grocery store...

As a great profession sinks into only a job that fools and dolts do, at least we'll be entertained by jerkoffs like that guy.


Did we not see the mourmon girl get expelled from school for calling someone gay?

It's pretty damn stupid to expel a student who doesn't know better while paying a teacher who should.


This happened months ago. The teacher was trying to make a point and failed. He was punished. Let it go.


None of these black kids experienced slavery or segregation. No white person using the word n**** ever owned a slave. Get over your white guilt, it's pathetic