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Racist my ASS

Maybe im askin for it here, but i’ve heard all i can stand on this whole profiling thing. All i can say is what a buddy told me once “Ya dont go to the mountains to look for seashells.” Now some cops ARE racist, which is wrong. But… Someone like me that i know is not racist, If i see a lowered honda civic with the windows blacked out, bumping gangster rap about “slappin bitches, and sellin crack yo!” with some guy gettin out “limpin and pimpin” accross the parking lot, Do they have any right to be upset if i think they may be up to something?? On the other hand if its a white kid that gets out i think (upper class rich punk). I just dont understand how someone calls himself a “thug” then gets pissed when we figure they might be up to no good. One more thing. You can listen to whatever music ya want. Rap?? thats fine too. But if ya drive through a neighborhood with it cranked up, dont get mad when i pull your ass over. Just because you like it does’nt mean everybody else has to listen to it. This punk kid pulled up to a gas station with music blasting that kept repeating “pop that pussy” and there was a family with some little kids walkin out to there car. I made him turn it off and go apologize to the kids. I guess its just a respect thing. I get disrespected so much that it really dont bother me anymore. My problem is when other peoples rights get dis respected. I know this turned into a rant but i needed it. And if i miss-spelled anything im sorry but im in a hurry. Flame away.

There’s nothing wrong with profiling. We all do it every day of our lives, whether some liberal ass kissing societal miscreant likes it or not.

I assume you are a police officer… I think you might get a kick out of this if you haven;t seen it already. I am talking about a video clip I downloaded on KAzza but you could get on any one of its clones I am sure. It is called “how not to get your ass Kicked by the Police(Pronounced Po lease” It is froma segment of the Chris Rock show. Check it out, you’ll like it.

Some of the tips from Chris

  1. Turn that shit down (rap music)
  2. Get a white friend(when driving)
  3. Never drive with a mad women

    And there are 7 more that I can’t remember right now.

    :slight_smile: Groove

The only thing you mentioned that was against the law was the noise violation. It is not illegal to have a tricked-out car, or have a “funny walk”. We are all in trouble as a society, when the cops can harass people because they just don’t like our style. If the police’s job is to make sure that everyone dresses the same and listens to the same music, you are doing a fine job.

Hey, you asked for flames…

That logic doesnt work. What BFA is saying is that if he sees someone that fits the profile of a thug, he will pay closer attention to what they are doing. The difference between a rich white punk, and a home boy walking around with a doo rag is that the media lets the thugs sound off about what they are doing (smoking blunts, and cappin’ punks), but you dont see too many white frat boys on TV singin about date raping and destroying property. I look at it from less of a racial thing and more of an attitude. If a cop saw a nice lexus driven around by a clean shaven black dude, and a honda civic blaring rap, driven by a white kid with a doo rag around his head, I personally think its racial profiling if he pulls over the Lexus.

The only thing you mentioned that was against the law was the noise violation. It is not illegal to have a tricked-out car, or have a “funny walk”. We are all in trouble as a society, when the cops can harass people because they just don’t like our style. If the police’s job is to make sure that everyone dresses the same and listens to the same music, you are doing a fine job.

Hey, you asked for flames…

ant summed it up pretty good. And lump. You can listen to rap. But if im in the car beside you i should’nt have to listen to it too. The main thing that makes me mad about these guys is it shows a lack of respect for EVERYBODY When your in traffic or anywhere and have to hear fuck this ho, slap that bitch, blast this fool. and something that just dont make sense is, if your a kid of any race from a middle or upper class family why would you try to give the impression your from the ghetto. I’ve seen poverty. I think if half these kids went through the shit there idols are singin about they would’nt think its cool at all. But the flame is appreciated.

I tell the little darlings/turds/thugs/etc in the area I patrol if they don’t want my attention, don’t do things to attract my attention. If you do attract my attention, don’t whine when I will address what ever violation I observe you commit.

I don’t need to profile anyone to do my job. I just deal with the crime/violation I observe you commit.

Happy hunting.

If you are busting just as many white kids who are blasting their stupid rock music too loud too, then maybe it’s not racism.

And as I am sure everyone already knows, rap music does not automatically mean “gang” or “drugs”. It’s just a type of music that is very popular right now. If the lyrics are about violence or “thug life”, so what. I listen to Slayer and have never sacrificed a goat or beheaded anyone (LOL), it’s just music.

Let me know when I can stop…

Man there are sure ALOT of pigs on T-Mag…I can say that, I’ve been a Cop for 6 years…and I agree with you BFA…

One of these days I’m going to get a car with a huge stereo system, get me some CDs, and go drive through some poor neighborhood blasting my MOZART!!! Been a fantasy of mine for a while now…

Thats like i LOVE Disturbed, I really love it at high volume. But when im in traffic i turn it down. Just repect. Thanks for arguing with me Lump. I feel much better now. Just needed to vent.

Char, if you ever do that please video tape it. That would be the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. And you could lean out the window and yell “WESTSIIIIIDE…Institute of Modern Art!!” PowerLifter. Whats even worse is every single traffic stop we do we have to fill out a form telling the persons race, location and all that stuff so that we wont “profile”. I feel sorry for the guys that work the hood there whole shift then end up being investigated every 3 months. “Officer ThudPucker, You seem to pull over almost all Blacks and Latino’s why is that??” “Because the area i work is 99% Black And latino.” …“What does that have to do with it???” (Officer ThudPucker)-Slams head into desk over and over-

I think what BFA said is simple common sense. He’s not judging anyone’s taste in music, vehicle accesories or personal atire, he’s simply advocating a little common courtesy. Like FredS said, if someone’s blasting his stereo and walking around with a whole lotta attitude, he’s obviously looking for attention from everyone. If you don’t want the attention from the police or anyone else, don’t ask for it. I like my music loud too (distrubed is also a favourite) but on my headphones or in my car, on the highway, where I’m not forcing my personal taste in music on someone else.

Thanks Magnus.

 I second that. Thank god someone else thinks the way I do. Keep it up!


Please do pull those loud trashy music playing guys over and ticket them since I absolutely detest hearing slap dah bitch kind of music.

Char -- MOZART!!!! Your taste in music is too Mozart-y happy (unless you play Mozart in minor)! You should pick someone bit more romantic, majestic, and technically difficult to play like Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Dvorak, or even Chopin. That should appeal to the Japanese rather well. Actually I think they like Bach more, just so that your Japanese neighbors don't throw you rotten sashimi as you drive. ;)

Seriously...you should totally go for it. LOL. Mozart....i wanna see your neighbors' faces when you do that. LOL.

All I can say is that the final joke will be on them, when they lose their low-tone hearing in about 10 years.

BFA, could you please police my university halls? My flatmate (who is male) plays Britney Spears way too loud and needs to be stopped. Could you bust him for a music violation? That thing shouldn’t be allowed.

LOL , Thanks guys, nice to know im not alone in a world i understand less and less.