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Racist Lefties Heckle Obama


Take a look around 5:20.

I deplore how these individuals interrupt our president, how dare they interject their opinion of disapproval. It is because we have a black man in the White House, and those Left Wing nutjobs just can't take it. They must be right up there with those racist, xenophobic, Nazi-loving, white trash, Republican Tea Party people.

Barbara Boxer, your ass is up in Congress, you raggedy old wind bag who's vagina resembles that of Hamburger Helper, you fucked anyone and everyone to stay in office.


He's no more black than white yet he signed himself as being black even when given the option of multi-racial. Or more spefically, african-american. Unless he was born in Africa as some claim, what's so dominantly african about him? American whites don't call themselves european-american. It almost reads like an admission to the birth certificate crowd. Just like when Michelle Obama referred to Kenya as Obama's "home country".


Alffi, you are just a racist. Do you Fins have a Tea Party rally going on or somehting? :slight_smile:


Alffi you missed the point.

Tea Party people have been accused of being racist because they disagree with Obama, saying that their claims of disapproval are nothing more than racist based. Here you have people who support homosexuals in the military, but no one is yelling at them for being racist. Why the double standard? Why does one group get a pass, while another not? Why haven't those people who heckled him not been labeled as racists, the same way Tea Party people exercising their constitutional rights have?


It's obvious the hecklers aren't racist, They are without a doubt straight-o-phobes. They are disagreeing with obama because of his straight sexual orientation.


Maybe they would like for him to bow to them as he does to every one else.


I know. I just chimed in because there did not seem to be a discussion on the issue yet and I did not feel like starting a thread over it.


Why are the hecklers racist, they did not say anything racist. So I dont get the point of this tread.


No Maximus. The Tea Party has not been called racist because they disagree with Obama, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that's the case. It's because of things like this:


HAH! Yeah, you're right, you did miss it. Might want to pull out the binoculars on that one because it went way over your head.


People desperate to draw attention away from the fact that the Tea Party is composed entirely of ignorant bigots.


None of those signs are racist and the first is a guy that everyone has tried to remove from the tea party movement. We've had this argument on those signs before and you got dismantled.


its still makes the tread pointless.

but one thing! the teaparty movement consist of many individuals and calling them bigots, ignorants etc its
not doing anything good, and its wrong. many of the members of this movement do have a legit anger against the establishment, but I think they fail to see the real problems with the system of today. They buy the same crap, they think the problems with capitalisme can be fixed with more capitalisme. Its sad to look at. Either the teaparty is going to desolve or its going to become just another conservative party. The democratic problem with america is that the republican party and the democratic party are both rightwing partys, its hard to see the difference, so I dont get why people who are or claims to be sick of the politics of today, choose to follow the same idees the politics of to today are build on.




This narrative is being created (about Tea Party being racist) because the left is terrified of what the Tea Party is actually about - Constitutional principles and the Rule of Law. And they are terrified of the numbers and polling. And they need to demonize it.

Of course, the irony is, THE LEFT THRIVES ON RACISM. That is how it gains and maintains power.

And another irony is: there have been many lefty journalists who have actually attended a Tea Party with the hope of finding racism - only to admit in their piece they were writing that these are just peaceful, loving Americans.


Here's an update on that New Orleans beating... can you imagine if the victims were from the left? lol.



  1. There is no "narrative" being created about the Tea Party. All you have to do is look at the signs and listen to the rhetoric. Pseudo-conservatives are desperate to blame it on the media, which isn't surprising, but all the media is doing is reporting.

  2. No one is "terrified" of the Tea Party, nor even worried about it. Power will be the kiss of death for the Tea Party. Look at them: they're ignorant, they have no idea what they're protesting, they have no idea what to do, they have no platform. All they are is a protest movement, which is fine, but pseudo-conservatives who want it to be something more will be sorely disappointed if they attain significant representation.

  3. The Left is freer from racism than any other political movement. The Communist Party USA was for a long time the only party calling for full racial equality. You're confusing Democrats with leftists, which they are not.

Then they weren't very good at their jobs:




ACORN will go underground, rename themselves, and reappear when the times is right.


Why shouldn't they?


Ryan, are you planning on starting a brothel of under age girls from south of the border?