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Racist Cupcakes


Brilliant stuff, lol.


From the comments it looks as if John Stossel just did something similar. I'll have to hunt that down.


lol, awesome.


Liberals always hate it when you shine a bright light on their idiotic discriminatory policies. I'm sure these students are going to be roundly chastised for giving us a good example of how our system operates when it comes to race.


If the protestors were smart they'd have some smelly, unshaven, spokesman approach the cupcake dealers and say something like, "While we understand it's not your intent, your pricing is socially conscious and just. So, we of the Pinko People's US Liberation Front, congratulate you for your voluntarily progressive prices. We'll take 2 dozen. Cindy here will give your our group's racial breakdown, and pay you accordingly. Do you have chocolate chip, by the way?"


This guys are brave for doing this. There have been death threats against them. They have also been called racist.


yep, takes some balls to stand up to the "tolerant" left these days.


Good read..and updates.


In the last year that it is impossible to argue with "tolerant" people. Mind you I was one before, then real life came along. When I take classes at the local community college for fun this young minds are brainwashed by the lib teachers and it is hard to argue when they all stare at you with daggers in the eyes. Even when the facts are laid out, they still shake there heads and say we are wrong. Amazing.


Oh boy.

There are all kinds of fun stuff to talk about on such campuses. Hold a protest against abortion, get ~2-3 death threats. Hand out flags on 9/11, get the police called on you. Hold a protest against genocide, hippies try* to attack you. Protest racism...make money off a bake sale?

*by try, I mean fail and end up on their face.


To rally behind a cause like this is to be stupid enough to ignore the fact that certain groups (whites, heterosexuals, cisgendered, men) get preferential treatment already.

The pastry sale is a good analogy, if, and only if, every student on campus is restricted to a stipend wherein white males get the most spending money and Native American females get the least.

As much as I find fault with AA, it's much better than the rightwing solution of "Pretend there is no problem and do nothing."


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It's good to know that Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods would get a break on the price.


You remind me of the do-gooder politicians who want racism to be alive and well so they can define themselves by what they're against. If you ask me, "doing nothing" is exactly what needs to be done.


where exactly ?


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As it pertains to the discussion, in hiring practices, lending practices, etc. Every study shows that dominant groups get preferential treatment in being hired and promoted - at this point its enough for me to just say google it.

It happens in general society as well, of course, but thats a little outside the scope of this discussion.


Do you say that because you don't see inequality in our society as it is? Or because you think those inequalities are justified?


Of course some inequality is justified. Its inherent in our system there is no assumption of equality of condition.

This has to be one of the dumbest threads ever though. From the protesters to someone actually asserting PROLIFE protesters are the ones threatened with violence. I know of at least 7 murders of prochoice activists, off hand I know of none from the prolife crowd.



I'm not sure what you're talking about regarding prolife/choice. I must have missed that part of the thread.

Can you expound on the first part, though? How is some inequality (such as, say, whites consistently getting preferential treatment in hiring and promotion) justified?