Its interesting that the democrats are really attacking Dr.Condi Rice and you hear NOTHING from the black caucaus of the democratic party. You KNOW that if she was a democrat and was being questioned by the Republicans that they would be crying RACISM…RACISM!!! and playing that card for all it was worth! Their hypocrisy is nauseating…

What color is the sky in your world?

same as yours bro…same as yours…
now what was your thought about the topic at hand?

How many more of these inane threads must we endure. Ok, the conserv. on the board hate the Democrats. The Liberals hate Bush. Bush fucked up, so did JK…what the FUCK SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

Never argue sports, Religion, or Politics with anyone. They will argue from the heart, rather than the head.

November isn’t that far away, shut up until then…one guy will win, one will lose. Until then, lift some fuckin weights.

Geeze Il…why are you so intolerant of any topic that isn’t weight training related on the “OFF TOPIC” forum? This is what this section of the forum is for dumbass!

I dont think I buy that, at all, and I am a republican

Rice is being hounded by the ENTIRE 911 panel to testify in public. The panel is made up of dems/repubs alike, so saying that she is only taking heat from dems isn’t factual.

I NEVER said she is just taking heat just from the democrats…The point is that if she WERE a democrat…the democrats would be crying racism that she is being hounded like she is…and Jessie Jackson would be having a shit fit on TV.
Whether she should appear before the committee is a legal one that I am not sure of. Thats not the point. I personally wish she would.

when i fart i poo

Didn’t you see the Chapelle show? The whites picked her and Colin for our race.

Also, you’ve really got to be kidding with this. Her race is not an issue for either party. Do you really think any black politician who’s actions are questions accuses others of racism? That really is preposterous.

HAHAH glad I’m intolerant. Also glad to see your post really set off a rally for your cause. haha…Look at what the idiot PM’s me:

09:21 PM

You posted that stupid comment on the off topic forum el dorko…

A rally for my cause? Whatcha smokin man??

Did you see her frigid mug on 60 Minutes? blehk.

Bush is a racist for (up until now) not letting her testify :slight_smile: - that MUST be it (about the same level of logic and thought PtrDr puts into these threads)

Synerjism: … dood… I would get that checked out… and make sure… pay attention now… make sure that no matter how relaxed you may feel at the time… never, EVER fart when a girl is going down on you.

All democrats are racists. They just disguise it by pointing the finger at others.


All democrats are racists? That’s a pretty strong statement. Got anything to back up this claim?

I think the fact that this situation involves 9/11 allows most people to see past the color lines and everyone just wants some straight up answers.

nope. Not a damn thing.