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Racism is so, like, Last Century...


"Among white Americans, only 28 percent said Obama's victory in the race for the White House was a dream come true, with the vast majority, 70 percent, saying it was not.

The poll also suggests a racial divide among people who thought a black candidate would be elected president in their lifetimes. Fifty-nine percent of white respondents said they thought a black president would be elected in their lifetime, but only 29 percent of black respondents agreed."

"Even in polls taken earlier this year, a majority of African-Americans said that a solution to the country's racial problems would never be found; now blacks and whites agree that racial tensions may end."

As a result, most blacks view Obama's election as the start of a new era of better race relations in the United States, while most whites appear to disagree."


I'm glad its finally over!


Does this mean white guilt is done too?


It means black liberal guilt can begin!




Let's all celebrate January 20th as the day that America leaves its past behind, begins to judge all people by the content of their character, and that we as a people make every conceivable effort to make the world a better place.


Lol "senior executive commander-in-chief" black correspondent, lol


you're full of shit.


Was that sarcasm? I can never tell over teh intertoobz..................


I disagree. Tuesday, November 6 2012 will be the day that America can judge people by the content of their character.




Wake me up when we vote in a lesbian mexican-jew.


You disagree with my statement. Why? Don't you want to make the world better for everyone?

I'm shocked that you'd say such a thing.


Why would it appear as sarcasm? Those are admirable goals, IMHO.


Where you've been? Walter E. Williams absolved us of our guilt in his Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to
All Persons of European Descent



handi-capable too?


So last century? That was only 9 years ago.


Don't forget atheist.


No thanks. Can't stand those people


Perhaps they didn't realise a nightmare is a dream, not a pleasant dream, but still a dream.