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Racism in High School


Hello, i'm going to be a senior in high school and throughout my 3 years there, one thing i've noticed is the extreme racism in my school. my school isn't in the south or any of the places that people assume that racism is prevalent; its in Queens, NYC.

i came to my school in 9th grade and was the only new kid. Immediately i realized that the classrooms were devided into the white(popular) kids, the latino/ african american kids, and the indians. these 3 groups were always separated in every class, lunchroom and everything else.

I'm indian, but when i came i didn't sit with the other indians but with the whites because they were more open and talkative(like me). i soon became friends with that particular group. Then though, the other indians started calling me a traitor, but it didn't bug me. My (white) freinds would always talk about how they hated the indians and wanted them gone. they would say they smell and are "dirty" (right in front of me). they told me i was somehow different, but i really don't understand how. i started talking to the indians then, and realized they weren't any different from the whites.

When i started going out with an el salvadorian girl, i realized that there no different either(keep in mind that this was a big revelation to me then). I never understood, and still don't understand, why the races are separate in high school. Everyone supposed to get along as we're just kids. Everyone's the same and whenever i ask someone why they don't like a paticular race they say, "I just don't like them." The white kids can never fully explain why they don't like indians, they just keep on saying they smell.

My best guess is the culture and households. My parents always told me to stick with indians as everyone else is a bad influence. My neighbor whose italian always complains about african amercians and says they're "sub-human."

I just can't fully understand how a bunch of kids (we're still kids in high school) can be so racist with no reason for it. What do you think?

*sorry for the really long post


Dot or feathers?

I am assuming dot?


Racism will always exist, no matter what. Fucking deal with it.


dot lol


Go make some friends & forget about it, u r never going to solve racism... just get to know people one on one & avoid the ever dangerous "group-think"


Good on you man, for noticing the idiocy of basic racism at a relatively young age. Yeah, different races can tend to have different cultural practices, but snobbery for the sake of snobbery and elitism is fucking lame. Go ahead, keep hanging with the white kids if you want to. Hang with the Indian kids too. When they "call you out" for hanging with different groups, just laugh....a "call-out" like that doesn't dignify a response imo. If you insist on responding, call them out on being closed-minded prickish snobs. Hell, dare them to get to know just ONE of the "other" kids of another race, call them a pussy if they refuse. Basically make them feel like idiots and assholes for behaving as such. Because that's exactly what they are.


Dude, high schoolers, as a demographic, are the biggest pains in the balls' to deal with EVER.

Except for, you know, them blacks.*

*obvious racicist joke is a JOKE.


They are in highschool, they are idiots by default and since you are an Indian you will most likely become a doctor or programmer or some such and make five times what they make.

Since you have already discovered that all human beings are basically the same, even if only equally idiotic, my advice is to learn how to thoroughly satisfy your little El Salvadorian princess, it should be transferable to all other ethnic groups later in life.


But seriously, I went to HS in new york and it was the same way. The majority of black kids hang out with black kids, the majority of hispanic kids hung out with hispanic kids, and the majority of white kids hung out with white kids.

Obviously, there are exceptions, but that was generally the case.

High school is generally a close-minded place where almost every kid in there is insecure about something, and it shows. When/if you go to college, there will be tons more backgrounds (not only race, but economic backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, etc) for you to experience.

I have a feeling that you'll enjoy college more than high school.


i understand that racism will always exist, but how does it start. i can understand how it can't come into a teen's head and the teen can't see the stupidity of it.


Who cares, they no longer lynch each other or engage in turf wars, that is really all you can expect from a rain forest ape that more or less stumbled into civilization.

If it helps, if they would not segregate by race, they would do so by social strata or looks or whatever.

They are stupid, insecure and immature and there is strength in numbers.


I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned when the black woman who was cleaning my teeth caught ear of how Obama's position on gay marriage is changing.

Her thoughts?

"I don't think they should be able to marry... A man and a man can't make a baby - the human race will die out! Think about what it'd be like in 20 years or so... I don't see why they're so mad about their "rights" anyway."

Where I bolded her quotes, she actually stopped to do the quote fingers thing.

I honestly cannot think of the last time when I've been so apalled at something someone said.

^Seemed a little relevant to the thread. :confused:


And they all have the right to vote.



We can agree that racism is an abhorrent concept. However, it is perfectly natural for people to feel most comfortable with people who are the most similar to them in appearance. It's an carryover instinct that helped ancient humans recognize whom was part of their group/clan/whatever and helped protect them from potentially dangerous rivals.

Now, you obviously recognize that this can be overcome with our big boy brains, but not everyone is so quick to reject that basal urge. It sucks, and I don't understand it, but it's the truth. Enjoy your El Salvadorian fox...I know I would.


Much of that racism begins with their ignorant parents. Then peer pressure.


Hey Raj

My son just graduated high school. He told me that for the previous 3 years, there's a group of 6 or 7 Hindu kids there that hang together. They've dubbed themselves "The Brown Squad" and make Indian jokes, as well as do spot-on impressions of their relatives in mock accents, much to everyone's amusement. I wondered why they'd do such a thing. But I believe now it was a way of intercepting being goofed on by the white kids, and it seems to have worked. They owned and controlled it to he point that criticism never came their way.


x2 what heavytriple and iron dwarf said


OP, watch the entire HBO series OZ.
You'll understand how race relations work in a government institution like high school much better afterwards.


The Green Beard Effect....


Had to look that up, which makes me feel stupid because I've read "The Selfish Gene." But yea, that sums it up pretty well.