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Racism Hits My Front Yard

   sort of.  without getting too much into my personal life, lets me explain my situation.  I work in California, and my two daughters 6 and 8, live with there mom in Alabama. their mom is African American, and they live in an all black neighborhood at this time. i go back at least once every 4-6 weeks and spend a week or two with them.

got up this morning to take them to school, while i was loading there bags in the car, i noticed that my 8 year old had picked up a newspaper that was in the lawn, rolled up wrapped in plastic. they get a morning paper sop i did not think too much about it, until i heard Sara reading form it out loud. "the white race down but not out..." i stopped and said to myself "wtf????" took the paper from her and saw that it was an Aryan racist publication. "the Aryan alternative" is what this piece of shit is called, and in it was some of the most vile characterizations of Jews and Arabs and blacks i have ever seen. articles like: "stay white, stay pure", "the useless young male", "infected invaders", blah blah blah, you get the picture.

turns out after asking around, that everyone in this all black neighborhood got one of these rags. now i am not shocked that stuff like this exists, but that someone would go to the trouble of delivering it to this entire neighborhood is disturbing.

my conflicts with prof x and others are well documented on this site, but the the reason i often have conflicts with "militant" black people, is NOT because i do not realize that racism is alive and well in this country, but simply because being raised by a poor working class white man and a poor immigrant from communist Cuba has given me the perspective that black folks are not the ONLY people in this country who have gone through some hard times.



Absolutely disgusting.

But here is where I find some humor: you ever notice the individuals claiming racial superiority are some of the most ridiculously weak and stupid members of their own 'race'?

If there is good news, it is that their delivery of their rag must be done in cover of night when no one is paying attention. That to me is a good sign of what we think of their nonsense. Cowards to the core and, despite their blustering, quiet a fearful bunch.

One more thing - the very existence of your daughters is proof that they are losing. To hell with them.


well said.


I second what thunder said. Usually the "superior" representatives of the aryan nation tend to be the the sickliest inbred looking of them all.


Thunderbolt23 is completely right. Let those cowards distribute their racist rag in the daylight. Once.


I'm willing to bet the grammar was horrible.


Great point (as others have said). It's these pathetic excuses for human beings who always end up in those groups because those hate groups find it easy to snatch up these no self esteem losers and give them a "purpose".

Sick and sad.


Racism is silly, hate everyone equally.


Don't let that bullshit get to you. I had the same thing happen to me in my neighboorhood. My first thought was "Obviously these idiots don't know who lives here." Then I just laughed it off as morons trying to stir up trouble. Ironically, it was some of my white neighboors that got more upset than I did. They called the police, the homeowner's association and all of people in the neighboorhood to see if everyone received it. Despite possibly being labelled as one of the more "militant" blacks people on this board, I do truly believe that most regular people know right from wrong and in their hearts, they are good people.

I am well aware that there are other races, ethinic groups and religious groups in this country that have gone through hard times and have been treated poorly as well. The few that come to mind are: Native Americans, Asians, Latinos, Irish, Italians, Jews, Middle Easterners, people from slavic regions of Europe, Catholics etc. However, what I have always resented from people is that I am being asked to forget about the things that happen to my people that affect us to this day, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, because there are other groups of people that have hard times as well. None of these other groups are being asked to do this. No one is asking that Jew to forget about the Holocaust. No one is asking that Native American to forget about the attempted genocide by the USA. But my people are being told that we need to "get over it and move on". This, to me, shows a serious lack of understanding the what, hows and whys the black community is in such a fractured state and what is being fed into the black community to keep this state going.

I am not saying that it is totally someone else's fault that the black community is messed up. We do a great deal of pretty stupid shit all own our own as well. What I am saying is that there truly are some outside forces at work as well and if you are not part of the community (such as it is) it will be very difficult for you to understand. Much like me trying to understand what it is like to be white, latino, asian etc. I don't have the insider's perspective to truly understand. I can only empathize with them, accept our differences and move on. If I try to act like I know what their problems are and how to solve them, that would just make me an arrogant, ignorant SOB deserving of any abuse that I would get.

DISCLAIMER Although I attached this rant to heavythrower's post, it is not directed at him as a personal attack. Please make that clear. These are just some thoughts that I am posting that was prompted by his last paragraph:

Again, I am letting everyone know that this is NOT, repeat, NOT a personal attack on heavythrower. So anyone that is trying to start issues with that, save that bullshit for someone else.


very well said too aldurr. i do not take this as a personal attack at all. you made some very good points. and also thanks for everyone chiming in too. it is sad that in the year 2005 my kids are already being exposed to some of this stuff. is it "innocence lost" already? ha ha, no its not that dramatic, but lets just say that having to explain what this paper was all about to a 6 and 8 year old was difficult, and something i wish i did not have to do.

aldurr, it is interesting what you said about your white neighbors being more upset than you, i was more upset than Kim or her neighbors as well. i guess being black in this country sort of makes your skin a bit thicker than most, having to deal with this sort of bull shit more than you really should have to.


haha, that's a good one. your are right, it was even worse than mine, and that is pretty damn bad!!! lol


Heavythrower, thanks for reading my post for what it was, just my thoughts. Believe me, I was right there with you. I had to explain it to a 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl that was within earshot when my son happened to see the paper before I could throw it out. It sucks that you have to explain these things to such young children. I do feel like it does take away some of the happy innocence of their youth, even just a little bit. But it is better they learn it now, where I can help them, rather when they are much older and the effects are more devastating.

The fact that you recognize that "being black in this country sort of makes your skin a bit thicker than most, having to deal with this sort of bull shit more than you really should have to" makes me feel good for the future of this country. Some people are getting that it is out there much more than they realize. It is just that it is not as overt as the jackasses that delivered that paper to our doorsteps.


i was watching a news show like 20/20 and they did a segment on a southern white sup. group. they had a cookout at some state park as a way to get more members.these ppl had like 6 kids,lived in a shanny,drove a old volare station wagon that was 6 different colors and the mother and father were both heavily tatooed and just plain heavy.at one point they showed the husband passed out in the back of the wagon after eating(carbs musta got him)in shorts,flipflops,and his stomach hanging out.and i'm thinking hitler must be kicking himself once he saw who picked up the cause to show aryan supremecy.


I'm terribly sorry that you had to experience that. I live in Alabama, and I promise we're not all racists.


It's usually the lowest class that likes to lift themselves by putting others down. It's all frustration of course.


This actually happened to many of the small Asian businesses too. Usually, I stay away from any type of violence but when burglarizing and objects thrown at residences' cars, then I feel the need to act by looking for a neighborhood watch group and contacting the police who are quite often overworked around here. Not only are hate groups a concern, but many solicitors whether homeless or not, are becoming increasingly aggressive and angry. How very sad.

I believe in the goodness of people. Often hate comes from insecurity,not being cared about as a person, and ignorance. Children who were raised to hate turn into adults who hate and destroy. I'm lucky. I've met wonderful school counselors and teachers growing up. Hope your day is better. I truly feel for you.


I think your the racist. If a black said to stay black and pure you would be fine with that. Blacks are responsible for very high rates of crime, you say excuse them, and hide the facts. Ive read your other posts I know your feelings. You dont want peace you want war. Your the rightous White man in the all black neighboorhood. I bet I have more black friends than you. Friends, not conversation pieces.

Your against Whites. Thats racisim fella. Theres no moral equivalent either. Whites did a kick ass job of setting up and maintaining an advanced society that strives to meet everyones needs. Whites did that.

How about that guest speaker at Howard University School of Law who said all Whites should be eliminated? Those are my loved ones that POS is talking about.
I bet your fine with him sayin that. You know why their arent Whites saying those things at Universities? Beacuse Whites wont tolerate that. We want, no we demand a world that works for everyone. Of course people like you dont even want White kids to say "Im proud of being White." Even thats to much, you racist, you apologist. If people like you really cared about black communities you would tell them to shut up and get to work. Thats called respect and love. You dont do that. You say stay down, your a victim. Ill be your hero. Leech is more like it. Your part of the problem.


See, this is the grammar (and spelling) I was refering to above.

Are apostrophes somehow unclean or unpure, and therefore to be avoided by white-trash hatemongers?


See, this is the grammar (and spelling) I was refering to above.

Are apostrophes somehow unclean or unpure, and therefore to be avoided by white-trash hatemongers?

See. My grammer was fine and none of that was hate. Not a single word. Well when I spoke of the Black man calling for the elimination of Whites. That was a reference to hate. Not hate on my part though.

Unclean, Unpure? Where did I even hint at purity? You interject that bile. You bring those thoughts to the table. They are in YOUR soul, not mine. You project that onto my group, because you cant deal with them on your own. See a Shrink, the world needs you to.


??? was that directed at me? even if it was not, that is a pretty ignorant statement.