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Racism and You


Ok,Im just going to assume on this forum that were all level headed adults and that we dont hold any sort of prejudice and racism. (lol) But with all that said,what about your friends,family,and significant other? Are they racist? When your alone with your girlfriend,does she complain about illegals or do your friends make jokes from time to time?


Hi, I was told that I could find the dumbest thread ever at this location? Oh, this is it? Ok, great. Thanks.


Look around before you claim this to be the dumbest thread ever.


Dude, w/e. The fact of the matter is that the answer to each and every one of his questions is too plain for argument. How can an individual with functioning ears not immediately know the answer to op's questions? Maximus, if you disagree it's because A) you have a really high fucking threshold for something to be considered racism, B) it doesn't fit into your conservative narrative for the answers to be affirmative or C) you're just in denial.


Ahh is the guy with the display picture that is derogatory to women going to try and shame the general support(on this forum) for the AZ immigration bill? And when has being against illegal immigration been racist? Is racist used so much now adays people don't even know the meaning?

I herby facepalm this thread



Uhhhh, "illegal" is not a race. It denotes status in relation to law.

Oh yeah, and I love ethnic jokes. Good ones are hysterically funny. All kinds. Black, Jewish, Polish, French, Italian, Mexican, you name it.

Come on. Remember in Airplane when the guy is flashing back to his peace corp days with the African tribe? He hands this feathered prehistoric tribesman a basketball? The guy looks at it dumbfounded, clumsily bounces it on the ground a couple times and then turns into Meadowlark Lemon all in about 20 seconds? THAT IS F.U.N.N.Y. and the day the majority of Americans can laugh at it for the meaningless humor that it is, is the day we begin to move forward again.


No, we don't hold any grudge against any race. Illegals are illegal.


I hereby declare that t-party members are a race. If anyone says something bad about them, they are racist.




Might as well add DoggCrapp while were at it too. Or how bout H.I.T. Anybody who practices volume or high frequency training is a racist.


Probably the first, and last time I'll ever agree with anything you said.

Although, I lol'd at the An Hero comment you made in the off topic forum.


I have been around since 2000, so I would have to say answer A.

If people want to call me a racist, please go ahead, I know the real answer to that. I don't know why people worry so much about being called racist. Like previously mentioned, the term racist is used so loosely that it no longer has an accurate meaning.


First off, in your opinion, is it racist to complain about Illegal aliens?

What kind of jokes are wetalking about?


This came up in another thread. Until we settle on a sane definition of what "racism" even means these kinds of discussions will go nowhere.
Here's my pragmatic view:

  1. Human beings exist in genetically diverse ethnic varieties. So far so good. Nobody's going to argue with that. Though you never know these days.

  2. A human being's worth, dignity, virtue and morality, or lack of any of the above is not in any way a function of which of these ethnic varieties they derive from in itself.

  3. A person who denies the latter in principle or practice, either overtly or by implication is a racist.

It is therefore possible to engage in all manner of reference to race, including good natured humorous ones without such references being racist.

If we define racism as any and all references to distinctive ethnicity then the world's over because there just is and always will be genetically diverse people on this planet. Recognizing that is a fact of life. Viewing or treating people as having greater or lesser innate quality based on it is racist.


Everybody stereotypes the ignorant are racist, and some are just out right assholes.

My definition of stereotype is to assume someone is a certain way because of how they look, what they're religion is, or where they are from.

My definition of racist is when a person cannot see past their stereotype.

Stereotype: all black people are dumb rappers.
Racist: Black Kid gets in to harvard.... He's not possibly smart, must be affirmitive action.
Asshole: lets drag some random black kid by a chain from a truck because they are useless gangbangers anyway.

Stereotype: All mexicans are illegals.
Racist: Yes he was an officer in Iraq, but he stole somebodies license and identification.
Asshole: Let's make a law that says we can pull over all mexicans for no reason and ask for their green card.

A person would be stupid not to stereotype. It is basically a hypothesis of people and allows you to prepare yourself for bad situations, racism is when too much ignorance and self-pity come in to play. When that ignorance and self pity go overboard is when bad things happen.

Racial jokes can be very funny, unfortunately you can't condone them because there's always some asshole who wants to either
A) take it too far, or
B) Just wants to say it because he wished he could all his life and wants to press his luck at the moment.

Not everybody is a comedian if your jokes aren't funny keep that shit to yourself, would you let a fulltime comedian who can't fix cars be your mechanic?


That's not racism. That's just what happens when some groups are favored over others by law. Though, it is sad that people actually have been swayed to think like this (to think that he MUST have gotten there through affirmative action).


Wow, you just compared dragging someone to death with deporting illegals, nice.

"Racist: Black Kid gets in to harvard.... He's not possibly smart, must be affirmitive action."

Considering that standards of acceptance for where I went to school were lower for blacks and women, I did generally give white/asian men the benefit of the doubt on school abilities, that I did not to blacks/women. Simply because white men by being accepted had proved a higher level of SAT/GPA ect, than had others. Not saying that I held anything against others, but I did not make positive assumptions about their abilities before hand. Does that make me racist?


If you can tell me what the standards of acceptance was for white/asians and what the standards for acceptance was for blacks/women then no, otherwise yes.

Although I would find it hard to believe that not one black kid got an extremely high SAT score, and to lump him in with all the others would be pretty racist.


Did you know, if you want to go to Mexico now, you need your passport? Some of you who live far from the border should know it was not this way before. I used to drive down to Mexico with nothing more than my US drivers license, which they accepted with no issue at all. Now, you need to bring a valid passport to legally enter Mexico....


How dare they ask me to provide valid ID to enter their country ! They even have the balls to have fellow Latinos bring their passports. I swear, it must be like Nazi Germany down there. Those fucking xenophobes, I swear it's worse than the Japanese internment camps back during WW2. How dare they try to enforce their immigration laws.

(Now, don't let me down, and make sure to call me a racist since I am a white devil, to insinuate that we should enact THE VERY SAME LAWS Mexico uses to protect it's borders.)