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Rachel: AMAZING!!!



Guys...you have GOT to see the cover of the April "Ironman". On the cover is Rachel McClish, the first "Ms.O".

At close to 50 years old, Rachel is hotter than she has EVER been. She seems to have put on a little more muscle than she had in her competitive days. And this is no exaggeration...Rachel is hotter than 3/4 of the teens and young women you see walking around the Mall!

When I saw the cover, it blew me away!

So...check it out and let me know what you think!







I agree!

I can't find any older pics that even compare to her newest ones!

(Maybe someone will be able to scan the "Ironman" cover? My scanner is on the outs!)



google is your friend;



I demand, no I mean I beg you to scan it and post it here please.

Rachel was the first Ms O and truly defines femininity and muscularity.



Thank you. Damn she is hot.


Rachel is the woman that made me appreciate hardbodies.


Yea, I agree for the most part.
Not as good as most of the Powerful Images and other stuff you can find online, but for 50 she's not that bad.

Either you are in the wrong malls, or I only stare at the hot ones...


Ay chihuahua!! Este mujer es muy caliente!!

IMO, she the only reason Iron Eagle III is worth watching.



That is not one of her recent pics.

The one I am speaking of is on the cover of the April, 2006 "Ironman".

If someone can't scan it, I guess you'll have to see if you can see it on the Newsstand! (Again...my scanner is broken!)



how does her hair stay back when she's leaning forward ?


How can you notice her hair when sheis leaning forward?


more pics....



Sorry, guys...

Anything on the Internet at this point are almost all old pics (including the "Googled" ones above).

"Ironman" will most likely have the Cover on their site a little later in the month.

She really looks good!



Ya that's it, just rub it in some more........

But thanks to have brought this to my attention, otherwise I would've missed it entirely


Wow,that's a 50 yr old.She looks like 25.Whatta GILF.


Not really that different from the other pics ...


I disagee...

She has much more muscle and shape than when she competed.

Hey...it's all "in the eye of the beholder". Take a look at the actual pic on the newsstand. Rachel looks amazing!



I would hit that harder than Tyson(back when he could fight).

Anybody here who is saying they wouldn't hit that is full of shit. You pimple dicks wouldn't know what to do with a woman like that. If she talked to you, you would cum in your pants and cry for your mummy.

Rachel McDelicious - fucking yummy.


Probably, but it's one helluva way to mess my draws.