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Rachael Leigh Cooks

Any t-men out there a closet admirer of Rachael Leigh Cooks?

I’ve always been a sucker for beautiful eyes…and in the eyes department,“She’s All That…”…

One problem recently for me, Keith (and I’d like to know what you think). She’s taken on this “starlet/sex kitten” image with a lot of make-up, attitude etc. I think she has too much natural beauty to have to do that stuff…

It’s Cook, not cooks. She was in one of the greatest movies ever- Easy Money with Rodney Dangerfield

Uh, I looked at the Internet Movie Database, and she’s not listed in the credited cast of Easy Money. Maybe you’re thinking of Jennifer Jason Leigh? Or was she cast under a different name? BTW, Rachael would have been about 4 years old when Easy Money was released (1983). But yes, Rachael has the eyes.

Oops, musta got the three name thing confused. Anyway, Easy Money was still a great movie :slight_smile: