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Race to Two Hundred


who wants to race to two hundred. or something bigger for you taller folk.


What are your stats? If you are similar to me ill take you on


Your on! oh wait, I win about 30lbs ago.

I would be interested, but I am already 230 so you have to work out some way to even the field a bit.


You're about two months too late to race me, as I just completed 183 -> 200 lbs. Finally got some mass on my upper chest, and I think my arms have grown 3/4" or so; I'll know officially when I do my July 1 measure-in.

Anyways, see if you can gain more than 17 good lbs. in two months, OR
see how fast you can get to 200. I'll try to lean up my 200 a bit, in the meantime. Then we'll face off in a bareknuckle fight to the death, deciding who gets to be King of Kalamazoo!

You on, biotch? :wink:


I might be interested at 186 now but we should have to remain under 15% body fat



I'll start the race July 22! haha I go on a week cruise the week before this and although the skinny bastard approach doesn't help much with lifts, it will get me laid. I'm at 180 right now so bring on those 20lbs!


Ok, I am interested to see how fast you can gain a good 14 lbs ("unassisted", I hope). But the fight to the death invitation is only for vizunaldth, because I found out he's crowding the same small town that I live in.

There can be.. only one!


I was just 200 lbs for the first time yesterday, although usually I am about 3 lbs under.


What small town, I am from Lansing


I have some MAG-10 if anyone wants to win the race and still look good... Just kidding, that shit is all mine.


Is this an unasisted race.


So you throw down the gauntlet and now run away? Whats with you?


i would race both of you too, but your about 3 months too late, im working on 230 now (10 more lbs to go). Looks like i reign as the king of kalamazoo for now (well probably not the whole kalamazoo, but the galesburg-augusta area atleast)


You gained 20 lbs. in 3 months? Good job!



its an exaggeration, actually it was more like since the beginning of january. Sorry for the inaccurate information.


i have about fifteen... maybe ten to go.

five eight, 12%ish.

unassisted for sure, unless you are going to dip into a MAG-10 stash.

maybe a dash for for a dozen(pounds) to even out the field.

start throwing your stats down in this thread.


you cant challenge me, youre not even in the same league as me.

but if you want to get tough on me, we can hook up at a gym and have a lift off.

you just got served.



you posted the challenge penarse, I simply offered a conditional acceptance