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Race to a 300 Bench


Tried to get 300 today but could only hit 275 at a bodyweight of 205. 275 went up easy, 300 went up halfway. Must be time to hit those triceps hard.

Let's get this race going.


I'm in, current max is 265 touch and go


Don't know how long it will take but I definetly want a 3plate bench. At 235 @ gym w/pause. Just finished week 3 of ed coan bench (first time running it) that will apparently put my max at 265 though I am doubtful this will happen :confused:


I'm in. Put up 285 touch and go last night on incline. Haven't done flat bench in awhile but will do with a pause so I'm pretty sure still not 300.


If my OHP sucks, will that be a limiting factor for bench?


3 plates is my long term goal on bench, currently I'm at 245lbs max.
My arms are very weak overall. I tried to do a run on smolov jr, but had to stop since it caused elbow tendonitis.
Now I'm working on strenghtening my triceps then go for a spreaded out (3x week) smolov jr.


Keen on this one definitely !! My pause bench max is 110kg (242.5lbs), Bodyweight is 87kg (191.8lbs) and height 1.81m (5'11") so hoping for 300 on bench soon, probly more aiming for getting to 315 as this is 140kg (3 plates) so would look badass haha.

So I'll definitely be keen to join this, add that little extra bit of competition for me ta try and beat !!


Should be just around the corner! Today I hit 315 off a two board, followed by 335x3 off a three board, and 185x21 full rom. I'd like to take 315 for a walk sometime soon.


Im down. A couple days ago I hit 260 with a pause, im guessing i could do 275 touch and go but thats just a rough estimate. I think 300 is still a couple months away.


I'm in, for sure. Got another 35-ish pounds to go.

Good luck to all!


You can bench 185 x 21 and cant hit 315? I can bench around 300 and I can only do 185 about 15 possibly 16 times, and thats if i were to do that right after warmups.


Differences in neural efficiency and how he's training. This is why many people have issue with the NFL combine bench test. Football needs maximal strength yet they test for reps. How to go about training for these is very different.


I'm in. I've hit 265 paused in the gym and 259 in competition. I keep failing at 275 because my shoulders crap out, but I'm trying to bust through that wall soon.


Hit a 260 touch and go back in October and have had nothing but trouble since then. Starting Smolov Jr next week.


Going for 300 Floor press this month, hope regular bench isn't too far off that. 320 off pins but I am not sure how much those are helping, if at all.


flat bench press

incline bench press

dumbbell flat bench press (weight for each arm)

my bench has gotta be close to 300.... not gonna attempt it til i get 275x5 though...


255 touch and go, got a long way, but the bulk has been good, so Im in. 3 plates is a nice goal, too


Hit 240x3 today. I have a meet coming up next month, I'll see how close I can get. 260 at this point is feasible, and 270 by meet time might be possible.


hit 275x4 today. i smell 300 right around the corner.


I have hit 305 at my best last summer but that was when I was 50+ pounds heavier.

I am going to join the race with the goal of 300+ with a close grip (about an inch away from the smooth part of the bar).