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Race to 800 Anyone?


Anyone game to race to 800 on squat? I will be going single ply in the SPF.


Yes, finally. One of these races that I can actually get into. I will get my first one in single ply as well.


haha squirt don't you think you should let your broken finger heal first?

I'm in...I'll see you guys there in about 10 years.


I don't think I will win the race, but I'm definitely in. Best meet lift so far, 710. But of course, that's in double-ply cheater gear. Next meet that I'm definitely doing is APF Masters in May, and I want at least 727 and go for mid-700's for a third attempt.


I will go for it but, not in a single ply


Who gives a shit about the gear used. It doesnt make 800lbs any lighter ON YOUR FUCKING BACK. I've still got a couple weeks before I do any real squatting again. I want an 800 in single ply by the end of this year.

The race is on... regardless of what you are wearing when you get it.


SPF does allow single ply briefs under a single ply suit for the single ply division, so to clear up any confusion that is the gear I will be wearing.

I am going to try 700 in just briefs this week. I have no doubt that will go well.

The gear you use doesn't matter to me, we are all close anyway, so just whoever gets from where they are not, to 800 is the winner.


Sounds good Ill get a video up as soon as i hit it


Same here. I'd like to keep up with each others training info to keep us motivated too. Maybe post some squat videos in this thread every so often?


So if I use a hydraulic external lifting device, it's all okay with you?


He made it pretty clear that yes, if it's in a sanctioned meet, thats fine. Seeing as how the comment about feeling the weight on your back totally implies using an external device to lift it.


700 squat in just briefs today. When I add the suit, I should have it.

Also, I thought just video would be okay to credit the winner. Idc, and I am the one who started the thread haha


looked pretty good, Just to clarify how do we want camera angles front or side?


Doesn't matter to me. my camera angle will be better the next few weeks because I will be back home and will be using a real monolift as well.

No need to be too strict about formatting. If it looks like a good squat then I will count it.

Or how about this. Everyone who is in on the race gets to vote whether it is good, just be honest, and if there is doubt then benefit of the doubt goes to the lifter. Sound good to everyone?


ok I just know that some people are picky about camera angles


Nah. I don't care. Ok so who all is in?

Storm the Beach
Dr J

and me...

We can just vote on each other's stuff. 2/3 votes passes


I'm in... Best squat to date is a 650 plus light bands in briefs. And an 815 reverse band in briefs. Suit is on back order from EFS I think but should have it by the end of the month. Good luck everyone


Sounds good to me.


jmloach- Guess I am going to have to go full gear and try it this month sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone, glad we have some competition. It always helps me improve faster when I am trying to beat people.lol

Just hope the super centurion adds another 100 to my PR in briefs


nice to see one of these with big weights being used....