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Race to 600 Squat and DL


Tapped out the other race threads, so onward and upward.

Current lifts
Squat 500
Deadlift 545



Just so you're not lonely in here, I'm in this race.

Right now my bests are 540 sqt and 585 dl. My next meet is in 4 weeks so the deadlift will fall there. The squat I should get in the summer, sometime.

I'm really wanting the magic 6/4/6 by the end of the year.


What kind of program are you planning on using to go from 545 to 600?


I'm following something westsidish. Depending on how I feel for my max effort day I work up to a 5, 3, or 1 rep max and then hit five singles within 90% of the estimated or actual max then hit my weaknesses with assistance. On DE day I do heavy assistance work. Look at my log if you want a better idea of what that all means.


If we are counting geared, I have knocked out the squat.

Current raw pull though is 575, I want 600, bad.

Yall are on notice, DF is coming for you.


I'm in for the deadlift portion (still working on 500+ squat).


Deadlift has been done, in for the squat, best is 535 belt and sleeves, running smolov shortly with high hopes.


In graduated out of the Race to 500lb last week.

500lb Squat

505lb Deadlift

Also trying to lean out for a few months.... have my 1st official PL Comp in July so thats my focus.

Best Wishes to all.



I'm in for the deadlift portion as my free squat is probably the lift that needs the most work.
505# deadlift missed at lockout


Geared only counts if you made your own suit. Hahaha

Bring it!


I cant find the 600 dl race thread i was in so i guess ill join in here, at least for DL. best so far was a 555 dl about 6 months ago. then went through a diet and had a back injury so i havent had too much progress.

more recently i hit a 595 rev band deadlift:


Suppose I'll get in on this. Like critietaeta, I was in the other 600DL thread but why not join here. A 600 wrapped squat is one of my lifetime goals. 505/545 are my best squat/dead right now.

Tried training with sub-max, higher volume for a while and that didn't do anything for my 1RM. The plan is to experiment with reverse band stuff for a while. Squat and dead once per week: one week heavy squat and DL reps, next week heavy DL and squat reps.

I would like to get 515 w/o wraps by, say, August (or before jakerz, whichever comes first lol) and then work on pushing a wrapped squat above 545 by the end of the year. 495 being my best squat w/o wraps.


Hit a 605 reverse light band deadlift for one and 605 reverse average band for a triple...


LOL just now saw this. Its on brother, its on.


I was in the last one too, but since DF is in here I'm joining so I can show him how I beat him to a 600 pull. I'm going fully geared. Got my first meet in June, going for a 650 squat and 600 pull.

Last pull from the floor, got 595 but didn't lockout the hips.


.......unless I missed something, a non locked out 595 =/= 600.

MostMajor....I am disappoint


Touche, mon frer.

Alright, fine. Drop my pull to 585. 600+ by June 5th.

Edit: PS, I was insinuating that I'll hit 600 before you do, not that my 595=600, FWIW.


Ahhhhh I see, makes much more sense now.


Youre on.


10,000 miles away on squat but I managed to pull (and drop at 99%) 270kg deadlift. Left hand let me down so i'll join for the deadlift, I need 6lb and a better grip lol

Heres the story... 270 would have been a 10kg PR, i was gonna do 260 to play it safe cus like a homo i'd been using straps in training a little too much but someone convinced me to go straight for 270... some random dude I met yesterday :))) see above


^^ Nice!

I might as well join this one, miles away on squats (still chasing 500) but hit a 505 dead 2 weeks ago...only another 95 to go lol