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Race to 5 Plate Deadlift


I've been pmed by people about that thread I started about breaking that record. I have one more chance to make a run at improiving my dead before I turn 18. I'm doing 5/3/1 and will post my deadlift workouts here. Anyone with me? Mostly looking for teens.


I'm currently training for a meet on May 30th. After that I'm going to take a quick dip into strongman and go back to powerlifting. Don't worry though I'll still own you when I get back. From now on I think we should post our workouts here to help each other out.



double overhand or mixed grip?


I really don't care, I'll be lifting with belt and straps if I absolutely need them. Mixed grip is obvious if not using straps.

Go for anything. I want it my way, if you lift differently that's your perogative.


I actually don't like using straps because I haven't found a pair that doesn't cut off the blood to my hands. Maybe I just have poorly designed hands. All my maxes will be mixed grip belted, and nothing else. Due to the economic crisis I am not inclined to get any more gear then I already own. I am borrowing a single ply for a meet, and a pair of wrestling shoes too.


I hit 425x1 back in December. Went through a pretty bad ankle injury in Feb that led to back and knee issues and just started pulling conventional again a few weeks ago.

I hit 385x1 off of plates this Monday, anything I can get two inches off the floor I can lockout so I'm going to be pulling from a deficit for a while. We'll see how it works out.


I'm in. I'm old (mid 20s) but I've always had issues going above 450 due to a back injury. I wanna crack 500 in 09'. Any competition is good.

I'm probably good for 430-445 right now with very little deadlift training, so we'll see. My best is 462, but I'm not there yet.


I'm in. I'm in the mid 4's but will be putting an emphasis on my dead in the upcoming months. Not a teen anymore but pretty close.

Goal is 495 @<200lbs BW. I'll be pulling with straps since I'm a sissy and strongman competitors don't believe in training grip. Mixed grip can suck my dick.


im 20 and ive pulled 240kg/530lbs.

im one of the lucky ones. my first ever Deadlift session i pulled 180kg/400


can i be in the 500x10 race?

currently looking for a 495x6 (5 plates)

and overall a 3/4/5 (plate) x6 i def think i can hit the bench and deadlift because i only need to add ~40 pounds to them each but my squat is about 90 pounds away.

im at 455x7 right now

i use straps but no belt cause theyre for pussies.

good luck to all, theres some good lifters in here so im sure ya'll will hit it soon. good luck esp. to you Zep, youre a good shit and i hope you break that record.


Im 16 right now (birthdays Nov. 23rd), and am not really focused on my deadlift at the moment (minor back injury). My first session was 1-1-09 and pulled, I believe, 350. And about 2 months ago I pulled 385. Not much progress, but I wanna hit 5 plates around the end of next year.

Forgot to mention, ill be pulling with a mixed grip and belt.


Age : 18
Bodyweight : 185lbs

Deadlift 441 lbs
Trap bar deadlift 485lbs


This'll be fun to watch.

I'd join in but I'm a) too old (27) and b) I've already pulled 220kg (5 plates) @90kg. I'm aiming for 3x bw now.



Good luck fellas!


haha! I'm with you. I got 495 x 5.


Im in. I am currently stuck at 445. Maybe a little competition will give me a kick in the butt.
I am 31. I guess a little on the old side. But I want in anyway.


man you only have 1 rep to add before youre at my goal lol. i have deadlifts next week so lets see if i can pull 455x8 or maybe 465x6 hmmmm


Dude, what are you doing here? You're like the creepy old guy going to prom.


I'm 20, and going for 600 by June 20th. I did a fairly easy triple at 500 yesterday. My goal is to smash the usapl raw record for junior 275 which is 290kg, and bets thing about it is I have 2 1/2 years to do it. I just started training deads again for the first time in two years so i know im gonna have damn good gains.


just remember theres kids half your age who lift more than you.