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Race To 405 Squat


Forget 315 or even 400. Eight 45's, four on each side. Let's get there this year.

That was 320x2. Sorry it was sideways.


Here is a video that's not sideways. 320x2. 330 max if you believe calculators.


Let's do it. I'm at 365lbs right now. Coming off an injury.


I'm in. My squat is around 365 right now I'm guesstimating. I want to get 405 below parallel before my birthday in november.

Here's a vid from december 2011 of 315x5:


Ok I'm in. 385 in August meet, 385 in the gym a few weeks ago, went up like I had 2 reps left. I'm aiming for 415 in March at 148.


This has been one of the biggest goals of my training life and I finally hit it two weeks ago. Talk about nervous.


I'm in. Best squat of all time was 385. We'll see where I'm at in another 6 weeks training with Eddy.



Best squat is 360 ATG, hoping to hit 375 or higher in about 2.5 weeks.


Ive done 375 before, but just recently did 355. Dont know why I lost 20 lbs, shit day maybe. Im in, hopefully I can do this by the end of the year


im in, 5/3/1 training max is 355 right now


Definitely in. Best of 140kgx3, will retest next week.


I am in. Last max test @ 365. This goes along with my 5 plate deadlift goal. Will get both by Halloween ; )


Hit 155kg/341lbs today at the end of a workout and hitting a PR on Sumo Deadlift.


In. I hit 155kg/342lb @ about 85kg/187 bodyweight on Friday... much bigger things to come..


worked up to 295x5 felt fast and strong, and my form remained tight. then did a bunch of heavy walk outs monday. all in my log


I am in, not even close right now, max of 300 but that is almost completely untrained. I lost my job (well 2 weeks left) and won't be employed again at least for a few weeks after that and just got lifting shoes. Squatting at least 5x a week while i am unemployed. Getting to 365 by June and 405 by September. 6'5 240. I am finally committing and leaving no doubt about this.


Just got 405 about 3 weeks ago. I switched from 531 to RTS and it seems to be working for me. I PRd in all 3 lifts and had a few PRs in assistance lifts.


330x2 getting closer


Lol, amazin', I just hit 155kg on Friday 9th at like 84kg bodyweight so pretty much identical. Looks like me and you got a real race on our hands!


I'm in. Hit 160kg this morning.