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Race to 315 Squat/Deadlift




Ive got the deadlift, but I will race for the squat. Current best is 285. Using 5/3/1.


Deadlift is at 305
Squat is at 235


IBB for legs helped in my squat a good bit. 5/3/1 is good too.


Oh yeah so in.

Deadlift is at 255x5
Last squat was 175x12

Because of this thread I'm gonna have to do some max testing for deadlift on 5/3/1 week now...


ive already won the race, but am going for reps

the max ive lifted
495 squat
405 deadlift
395 sumo deadlift
315 front squat

over the next couple weeks, im gonna do an insane volume routine for my dl and squat because i want to get my form tighter than a 12 year old..

max reps im gonna go for =29+ reps...why? because like goku i also want a power level of OVER 9000!!!!!!!

happy lifting bitches


Why post in the thread stating you've already completed this? Lots of people have done so, but you coming in saying you've done so and have thus "won the race" is just coming off as a douche.


Taking a week off this week after all year! I've stalled on some of my lifts too, I'm thinking about using 5/3/1. Just bought and read through the 2nd edition...

@Chris and Pat - what assistance templates are you using? Big but Boring looks like it would help a lot on the squat especially!


I've done it in the deadlift but not squat, because I squat like a bitch. I'll get there but man, squat sucks for me.


I will join in on this, my lifts are miles a way from 315pounds( thats 140kg right? )

My current best in squats and deads are:

deadlift: 1 x 110kg.

squat: 6 x 60kg.

But I am confindent I get there in the future, deadlifts alot sooner than squats offcourse.


Same here. I was going up to 295 but my coach gave me hell because I wasn't reaching parallel. I'm going ATG now but I have to reduce my weight. No biggie.


Do it, 5/3/1 is great. No more thinking about training, you can just go lift and be done with it. Boring but Big is great for getting huge and strong, but if you try it, make sure your eating a SHIT TON of food, or life will be hell.

I'm currently using the layout that's in this article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/strength_training_the_college_edition

Basically, it's like this:

Deads, chins, row, ab work

Bench, overhead, shoulder pre-hab, ab work, curls if I feel like it

Squat, posterior chain, single leg, farmer's walks (or shrugs if I don't have the room in the gym)


Deadlift- 335 lbs x 2
Squat- 225 lbs x 3

I'll be back in the gym in a week. (I've got finals now.)


LOL, yeah, I'm sure you're the first guy ever with a 3-plate squat/deadlift.


I'm in this! Not sure what my DL max is, but my max Squat is 260 for 2 reps!


Haha in this too. Just got off Starting Strength with a parallel 230 lbs squat for 3x5 and 240 lbs for 1x5 last workout. Am now on Westside, it will be a while before I reach 3 plates for both of these lifts, hoping to get it before summer.


dl 385x4 squat 315x5 now its time for race to 405


lol read the title of this thread^ feel free to start a thread to race to 405.


WTF is with the 'tards in here that can't figure out how 'race to XXX' works?


I got 112,5kg today, so now it is 27,5kg to go instead of 30kg LOL