race to 200

I saw this on the “Mass: time to get some thread”. I weight between 185 and 190 right now, depending on the time of day, eating, etc.

I’m game to race, anyone else want to join?

ooo, oo, me, me, when do we start? I’ve got 2-3 weeks left on a ermmm, non-mass cycle (too ashamed to mention “cutting” after Patricia’s post ;)) It’s no worries if you can’t wait. I’ll just race to 200 on my own then.



I think I’ll win if I just cut off my right leg. I think it’s a little bigger than my left, so that should get me to 200.

I’m game.

I am so in. My goal is to get there by the end of the year. I know I could do it faster, but I want to do it as “cleanly” as possible. At 188 right now. Ready… set…GO!!!

i only weight 175 on a good day, but i’m in as well.

I’m in. I’m between 185 and 190 myself and just started Westside this week.

Im with jared, although I could maybe make it if I either lost all my fat or cut off an arm…

You guys must all be 6 feet and under.

Who’s up for a race to 200LBM? :stuck_out_tongue:

I currently weigh 155lbs. at 5’6". If you can give me a better weight to reach that is more reasonable to my measurements? IM IN!

aka da boxer

200lb LBM? I’d have to cut my hair for that one.

BMI might be more fair considering people’s heights. Say a BMI of 30?

artica - go for 170, but that should be waaaaay easy for you.

How tall is everyone? LBM? BF%? Measurements? Strength on lifts?

I’m game. Let’s set a start and finish date. I too, am currently on a cutting cycle, and not afraid to admit it. I don’t have much time left on it, just until the hot-rox runs out

Crap I would have to lose another 35 pounds to get to 200! Wife would leave me for one of you big strong guys, there would be kicking of the sand in my face. Nah sorry I’m out!

I’m in, only 42lbs to go. Betta watch out suckas!

Can you guys post some the meals you ate for the day once in awhile? I read massive eating but I eat more than what the article says and can’t gain any mass. I can eat a large pizza or go out and drink a 12 pack and come home to a huge bowl of pasta and I still stay the same weight. As I add weight to my lifts I gain body weight but it’s real slow. I was about 150 at the begining of the year and after 8 months I’m only 158-162 and dropped to just under 9% bf. Maybe seeing more examples will help me to adjust my eating. I would have a problem eating more than I do though. I’ve tried and I just feel bloated and want to puke which would hurt my workouts.

The tall guys are right. This is pretty much the short guys’ contest. Is anybody who’s throwing in over 5’10"? Have any of us ever weighed over 200? Pretty sure that the highest I’ve ever gotten is 192 and that wasn’t too pretty fat-wise.

I think we should put in a hard cap of 20% bf to keep this race from becoming Lard-ass Run. We probably ought to at least note our ages, too.

Are we going to start pretty soon? My weight’s gone up a little in the past couple weeks and my bf has gone done about a point without any significant diet changes. I don’t know how long that magic will continue.

How far away do you have to be? If I drank a gallon or two of water I could be there by the end of the day. Seriously what weight do you have to be to do this race?

TheCuda, you mean you don’t already drink a gallon or two of water a day?

Um…I’m 6-1. Not short. [cowers in the corner]

Well, Im currently at 155lbs. at 7%BF. So, how about we make this with some rules.

15lbs. of LEAN BODY MASS
under or at 10% BF
W/ added strength

aka da boxer