Race to 200 Workouts.

I thought it’d be cool so see the various approaches to training that everyones using for the race to 200.

I’ll start, train 4 days per week. Pretty much everything I’m gonna pyramid up the weight each set.

Hip Dom
GH Raises 3x6-10
SLDL 3x6-10
Hanging Pike/knee raises 3x6-10
Oblique Cable Crunch 3x6-10

Bench Press 3x6-10
Incline DB Press 3x6-10
Close Grip Bench 2x6-10
DB Skullcrushers 2x6-10

Quad Dom
Hack Squats 3x6-10
Bulgarian Squats 3x6-10
Seated Cows 3x10+
Single Leg Standing Cows 2x8+

Pullups 3x6-10
T-Bar Row 3x6-10
Kneeling Pulldown 3x6-10
Zotterman Curls 3x6-10

There’s a big difference from 3x6 and 3x10, don’t you think?

Excellent idea!!

Monday - Back (cleans, deads, gm’s, rows, angled raises, face pulls, etc.)(don’t do all of these in 1 workout. I split pick a few and take it from there)

Tuesday - Mixed Martial Arts (karate, kickboxing, submission grappling, skip rope or spar after)

Wednesday - off

Thursday - repeat Tuesday

Friday - Squat and legs (back squats, front squats, lunges, extensions, curls, calves, etc.)

Saturday - Arms

Sunday - off

When I’m on a cycle of mag-10, I may throw in a Wednesday arms session. I can’t train chest hardcore, due to a shoulder injury. I’m looking to do 100 pushups a day (cake-work) just because I need to train chest while doing this. I hardly train abs, because the MMA and sparring make your abs rock hard. I sometimes will jump rope just for kicks and giggles, and to increase recovery. If I don’t do that, I do a stairclimber really hard for 10-15 minutes.



Ike’s right!

Anyways, here is my approach:
So far
Ian King’s “Great Arms”
Chad Waterbury’s “The Next Big Three”

Will follow Ian Kings for 12 weeks.
Big Three, followed by Meltdown II, the Meltdown I! All at four weeks each. I think they work great for mass and strength on a hypercaloric diet.


p.s. I got a hold of some 1-ad, 120 capsules for $30. Plan on using 500mg for three weeks.

The difference is 4.

JWright by angled raises I assume you mean prone trap raises?

Why is Ike right?

According to my training (Chek/Poliquin), 6-12RM is the best range for hypertrophy.

Well actually if you multiply it out the difference is 12.


But if you just subtract the repetitions per set it is 4 (10-6=4).

Frat Boy Road to 200 Training Log

Monday - Chest and bis

Bench press - 155x3x3
Incline bench press - 95x3x2

At this point, I thought it would be good to pump some more blood into the area. So I did some posing in front of the mirror, pulling my Delta Delta Delta Swoon Party t-shirt down to reveal my striation. I think some girls noticed.

Cable flyes - I did these until it BURNED!!!
Barbell curls - barx10, bar+20x10 for 8 sets. Arnold did a lot of volume for his bis. Mine will look like that.
Concentration curls 20x10x6 - for that extra “peak”

Tuesday - Back and shoulders

My chest didn’t feel sore enough from yesterday, so I thought I would “shock” it by doing some decline presses. I am tricky like that. I loaded up 175 and did it twice. At LEAST 3 girls were in the vicinity. I’m getting laid this weekend.

Lat Pulldowns - the whole stack 4 times. Some musclehead came over and said I was using “bad form”. I told him he needed to learn about INTENSITY. That shut him up. Or maybe it was the size of my guns.

Shrugs - 225x2x2 It feels good to have this much weight in my hands.

Abs - 300 crunches. The six pack is starting to come through. I did some mirror shots to make sure, though. SEVERAL girls were staring. And pointing.

Wednesday - Leg day

I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. And then did some hanging leg raises to really improve my lower abs. Girls notice these when you pull your pants down some.

Thursday - Chest&Arms

Bench press - Felt like a good day to max out. 195 BABYYYY!!! 200 is almost here.

Alternating dumbell curls - I do these for variety and because Arnold said they would work. It also kind of mimicks drinking a beer, so when I’m in the bar tonight, my arms will look really swole when I’m going to pick up my beer. I’m getting laid tonight for sure.

Abs - Ab machine. I basically did non-stop reps for 20 minutes. No one has the endurance that I do. My sex muscles are really starting to show.

More mirror shots today too. My abs look RIPPED right after I work them out. All the guys envy my genetics

Friday - Back

I couldn’t make it to the gym because I had a ZTA Sweetheart Party to go to. All the bitches love me. Plus I hit my back pretty hard on Tuesday. I have a lot of “natural” muscle.

Saturday & Sunday

I went to the gym these days but took it easy. Just kind of walked around talking to my bros. And flexing occasionally. Gotta give the girls a show. My calorie intake was also around 8,000 a day, with at least 6,000 a day of that coming from beer. Man, I was SO wasted.

Not many people can follow this intense training protocol.

Jared, that was very funny.

I kinda agree with Ike on this one. Having a range from 6-10 is counterproductive IMO, especially if your goal is to put on some mass. Personally, I LOVE low rep ranges, so I tend to go for a 4-6 range, SOMETIMES even 4-8. But I guess as long as you are getting some overload with each and every workout, it won’t matter much.

In any case, great idea in starting this thread.

Here is what I am doing for the “Race”:

A. BB Curl 3x4-6
Dips 3x4-6

B. Preacher Curl (machine) 2/1 method 3x4-6
Tricep Pushdown 3x4-6

C. Seated Hammer Curls 3x4-6
Overhead Tri Ext 3x4-6

D. Incline DB Curl 3x4-6
Close Grip Bench 3x4-6

E. Zottman Curls 3x4-6
Decline DB Skull Crushers 3x4-6

***on this day I take 60 sec rest between bi exercises and tri exercises

Tues-HIIT, Abs


A. Push Press 4x4-6
B. DB Press (Arnolds) 3x4-6
C. Lat Raise 3x4-6
D. Machine Press 2/1 method 3x4-6
E. Front Raise 3x4-6

A. Shrugs 4x4-6
B. Upright Row 3x4-6
C. Reverse Incline Fly 3x4-6

Thursday (Legs)

A. Front Squats (ass to grass) 4x4-6
B. DB SLDL’s 4x6-8
C. Front Squats (ass to grass) 4x4-6
D. Leg Curls 4x4-6
E. Walking Lunges 4x4-6

A. Standing Calf Raises 4x6-8
B. Seated Calf Raises 4x6-8

Friday (Chest, Abs)
A. Bench Press 4x4-6
B. DB Incline Press 3x4-6
C. Decline Press 3x4-6
D. Pec Deck 3x4-6
E. Weighted Dips 3x4-6

Saturday (OFF)

Sunday (Back, HIIT)
A. Deadlifts 4x4-6
B. Weighted Pull-Ups 3x4-6
C. Machine Row 3x4-6
D. Seated Row 3x4-6
E. DB Row 3x4-8

All workouts take me 45-60 minutes.

However, I need some advice from you all.

I made a conscious effort to start putting on mass long before this “race” started and I increased my caloric intake to above 4000 and the only “cardio” I did was 2 HIIT sessions per week and I would go for leisurely walks on some morning. I have put on a good 10 lbs in the last 6 weeks or so, but I have accumulated a little too much fat for my liking…so I have incorporated 3 45 minute cardio sessions on certain mornings (Mon, Wed, Fri). I do not do them fasted state…I take 5 grams of BCAA’s prior to working out and then I drink another 5-10 BCAA’s while training. I then do my weight training later in the day. I am keeping my caloric intake to above 4000 as I know that this is the best way to add on some quality mass.

What do ya’ll think? Good idea with the cardio? I think so. Like I said I have put on some good weight (up to 195 as of right now). But my BF was at 11.8%, which is up from 8-9% (at 185 lbs) when I started. So I think by adding the cardio sessions while keeping my caloric intake above 4000 should bode well. Any thoughts? thanks for the input



Jared, are you a member of Ieta Pi or Tappa Kegga?

HOly Shit Jared…that was just classic my man!

Wanna know what’s sad? At my old school, I swear to god that this routine is what they followed.

Good stuff. muhahahaha

You should check out this Ezine called ‘Testosterone’.

If you read all the back issues, you might know where I’m coming from.

Scrub - no, I don’t belong to those pussy frats. I am a member of Tappa Hooka.

Seriously though, I’m glad someone posted this because I just realized that I need to find a good program to start fresh next week. I’m tired of the old split (no it wasn’t the frat boy workout).

My weaknesses:
Ape arms, see Lat Spread thread
Shoulders could use some work

I’m thinking OVT because of the separate day for bi’s/tri’s. I’ve never done this, which may account for my weaknesses. I always did specific arm movements at the end of my workouts when I was tired. Any suggestions other than “use the search engine”, throw em my way please.

You mentioned that one of your weaknesses is your arms, yet you state that you do arm movements at the END of your workouts when you are tired!

Ding ding ding…ever think about training your arms at the beginning???

Just a suggestion. And yes OVT was a great program. The workouts were a bit long, but it was awesome. Although I wouldn’t suggest this routine if you are trying to “bulk”.

ok Ike whatever you say.

One think I’ve discovered from reading this mystical e-zine called testosterone is that theres more than one approach, one view point.

6-10 reps is a good hypertrophy range, in my opinion after the training and education i’ve had. Sure the next person may have different views, thats what makes sites like this so good.

To clarify my sets will normally be 8 reps but they may drop to 6 or go up to 10 depending on my energy levels for that particular set or workout.

I could sit here and nit pick every post on the forum that doesnt meet with my beliefs but whats the point in that?

yes, prone trap raises with shoulders protracted tight. Sometimes, I do these with no weight (no joke) just to feel a tremendous squeeze on my back.