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Race relations cont'd

There’s this guy who meets this really sweet, nice girl & he starts to like her because she’s such a sweetie & she’s so nice & wholesome & after a while, he falls in love with her & so they get married. They’re in bed together & she puts her hand on his dink & he says ‘You know what that is sweetheart? That’s a cock.’ She sort of frowns & says ‘no it’s not, cocks are about this big & black’ (putting her hands about 2’ apart) HAHAHAHAHA btw, is it me or do white guys all tell their girls that 4" is big, 4 1/2" is huge & 5" is unreal? lol

And that was funny how??? Also, if that was true I must be a purly mythical creature on the same lines as a dragon or unicorn. I’m not going to start slapping my cock around, but didn’t you know the average size of a male penis is 6" all ethnicities included. That anything more than 8" most(there are a few exceptions to every rule ‘they are on net’) women won’t let you touch them with it. Drax,…you’re such a stud.

Drax, I think you should share this joke with the girl on the bus. It might get you the attention you wanted. :slight_smile:

Haven’t you guys got any sense of humor? You know the stereotype right? I know about all those stats & how race doesn’t matter, but there’s still that sterotype.

Haven’t you guys got any sense of humor? You know the stereotype right? I know about all those stats & how race doesn’t matter, but there’s still that sterotype.

Am I the only one who thinks that size does not matter because when she realizes what is the size it is too late to say “no”? I have never heard about woman saying she won’t have sex because the dick is too small.

Axy- Yea they’ll probably still have sex with you, but they’ll tell everyone afterwards and laugh at you.he he he
Drax-Yea I’ve heard the stereo-type, but haven’t you heard the other one. About white guys also having 12" tongues and being able to breath through their ears ;).

I’ve had enough women tell me honestly that it does matter to know different. It might not keep you from getting laid but you might not get laid twice. Of course you’d have to be pretty damn miniscule for that.

I agree. It might not matter the first time, but there definitely won’t be a second time if she can barely feel the little guy. Oh, and Drax… I’m a mere teenager, and I’m bigger than all of those sizes you claimed white guys are tied to. And yes, I’m white! I definitely know what you mean about the stereotype though. “Once you go black, you don’t go back!”:slight_smile:

You guys shoule be saying hahaha Drax that’s FUNNY. You’re takinng it too seriously. Of course most guys are around 5" that’s why he’d tell his woman that 5" is hugely humongous. geeezzz…

The real stereotype is about asians. Ever heard of them using a piece of gum for a condom? Actually the average length is 5.5" and with a lot of girls they want the girth to be good. I know a girl and she told me about a guy that she slept with, and she said he was literally no more than 2". She said that he could not even keep it in her, and he kept going limp. Isn’t that a sad event. He finally got up and left without finishing. She said that she was the one that felt bad in the end.

A lot of the surveys claiming a 6" penis length average come from self-reporting. Average length in clinical surveys with doctors doing the measuring comes down a half-inch to an inch. Hmmm…

All it is, is a funny thing a guy at work told me! This isn’t suppoosed to be about ppenis size or anything else.

I thought the stereotypes come from differences in flacid size versus erect size with some races being much smaller flacid than erect. There is some sight out there called the definitve penis size survey that talks all about this just use google and find it.

hahahah… funny Drax. :slight_smile: and Axy, I know plenty of jamaican women that would laugh at a man and refuse sex if it was too small.

Drax - HA HA HA that was very funny

As for not coming back - went and returned, and am quite happy where I am now. *grin*

Axy - she can change he mind any time she wants to... Though probably won't.

Just learn how to use it boys, and size really doesn't matter all that much.

All of my girlfriends have told me that my dick was the biggest that they have ever seen. My thingy is about 7 1/2 Inches erect. I am pretty impressed being a white croatian guy.