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Race Question


does it bother anyone when light skinned or mixed african americans call themselves black?

in my experience other blacks have no problem with it, it is most commonly a problem with white people.

obviously in terms of skin tone they may not be 'black' but in terms of heritage they are african.

ive had several people, especially white girls, tell me im 'not black' and i always find it disturbing that they feel the need to express this opinion, and it is usually mean spirited like an attempt to hurt me.

im not half white and if anything behind african im predominately native american.

i have obvious theories on why this is an issue with people, but since i cant really observe it from an outside perspective i wanted to find out why this bothers some people so much.


It's only really an issue when you say you're something you're not. So if you go around telling people you're black when you're half white or any other race (figuratively, I'm not saying you are doing this), people are going to think you're a pretender, and just trying to fit in.

Imagine if a guy white as snow went around saying he was black, everyone would get pissed off.



A lot of people have a certain idea about how black people should behave. Do you fit any of those stereotypes? If you don't you will be called white.

You know...oreo

Or is it mainly a skin color thing? Anytime I've encountered this its been because I was doing some people who are black aren't known for doing.


I don't see why anyone gives a shit. I don't get pissed when crayons switch labels from crayon to crayon, they're just having some fun.


Nope...not touching this one...but in for the lulz


In which kind of conversation and with what context is this popping up?

I guess it's just in bed "I thought all black people were hung..."


Post your pic op


It's a problem when you see this^ kind of bullshit. Luckily there's none of that crap in Ireland YET. Now I'm off before I get sick.


One of my good buds is half black. He refers to himself and other mulatto's as "light skins". But he still considers himself black and no one would ever disagree or question him. Wonder what OP looks like.


The only label that should apply to all of us "human".

Sub-races ("caucasian", "negroid", "oriental") are useful to discuss things like genetics, but they should not become a jacket or a mantle that we wear in our daily lives.

Each label we assume, is a burden we must bear.

It bugs me when any person proudly affiliates themselves too intensely to anything like race, religion, gender, etc.


You wouldn't believe all the shit us white people have problems with.

Seriously. If you were in a white guys head for five minutes, you'd go completely insane with no chance what so ever of therapeutic intervention doing even the slightest good.

I'd make a list, but all you really have to do is look at the most mundane item you have near by and ask yourself "What the fuck is wrong with this?".

Just at a glance- Drafting tools, a bottle of astroglide, 3lbs. of welding wire, and a trout net are sitting in front of me and I'm about to go berserk for one reason or another related to these items.

Don't even get me started on fucking pianos or people that own one but don't play it.



Maybe you should eat more white women


What is a mixed African-American?

Is it like a Italian who is half Irish that is a U.S.A citizen calling him/herself Irish-American?

People will label others how they feel at the time you ask them. And people have very little control over that.

The need to label is part wanting to belong to something bigger (even if its imagined) or the need for a society to label its people for whatever reason. Money, marketing, whatever.

Africans came to the Americas right along with the Europeans some as workers, some as servants MOST as slaves later on. This is not news. Thru the years the slaves mixed with others that came to work had kids and so on and so forth. No longer Africans and not considered European,NATIVEs, Indian, Asian or whatever else was mixed in what you had was a group that was BORN OF THE AMERICAS.

Thru the years some have tried to reconect with only the African part mainly because the Gov did not give much of an option for any other identity, Negro, Mixed, so you have a group lost looking for a home land.

The sad part is that This Country for good or bad gave birth to us and this is 100% ours. Black-American fits for me only becuase I like the sound if you need to label me. Other than that American fits also but people will never go for that.

The comedy is I can trace my family line thru almost every war this country ever had and yet I had to hear stories from my mom of people telling her to go back to Africa. hahaha Ohh man the comedy.


I like motorcycle races more than cage races. A NASCAR race is only exciting in the last few laps.


I think you mean Lap.


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It depends, what color is your skin?


I couldn't give two shits and neither should anyone else.

Does anyone call caucasions "pink, off-white, ghost, eggshell..etc?" No. Why? Because it's dumb.

Next time, just tell those pasty, ghost-white bitches, to suck your non-black dick.


Who do you think own all the damn pianos? I have one in my garage taking up space that I could really use that hasn't been played in 50 years, half the keys are dead and the ones that work sound like a sea lion getting assraped in a garbage can.

But it's a family heirloom!

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