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Race In Sport


i just done an assignment on race in sport and im just wondering if u guys have any opinions on all this stuff.

i think its all a load of crap, i basically found out on some articles that blacks are more fast twitch dominant and have higher testosterone making them dominate sprinting and power events.

so how come they dont dominate oly lifting, gymnastics, shot put etc?

articles also said black people are less inteligent and oriental are most intelligant and whites in the middle.they came up with this because of the IQ but this is not the only and best way for testing intelligance.

it also said white people and oriental people wont have as high as verticle jumps, and orientals are slow twitch dominant and will have the worst verticles. those chinese oly lifters dont look st dominant and their verticals aint small either.

i think its all down to culture and individuality, i hate this whole race thing, it could kind of influnce people not to participate in sport for example a white person may not bother with sprinting if he is good at it because people say you have to be black.


There's an article somewhere on this site ...


If link doesn't work, see Author's section for Jose Antonio/Chris Street.


Racing is not a sport.



what fuckin college are you at?
Who is they?
this is about as academic as my dog.
i cant be arsed.



Each subtopic you presented is enough for an entire dissertaion. But yes, I agree that it's all BS.

HINT: before you cansay race is related to anything else, you have to develope a scinetific definition of race. Good luck with that.


Oh, and IQ is not a measure of intelligence. Before you can measure intelligence, you have to come up with a concrete definition of it. Good luck with that.


I think it's all bullshit apart from the average blackman having a higher verticle leap and being faster. FFS you only have to look at the top ten sprinters in the world and they are all black. However if a white man was dedicated enough their is no reason why he couldn't be the fastest man on the planet, or any other man for that matter.


Im short and white and I think we're under-represented in the NBA. It must be a racist conspiracy against short whites because we all know we can be as good as the Michael Jordans if we we were only given opportunities.

I DEMAND I get given a chance in the NBA and quotas set to push back the racism and give my race and height class fair representation!!!


That's cool. I DEMAND to not be followed around Neiman Marcus should I ever happen to actually shop at the place.


Yeah but we got hockey sewed up so it evens out.

I would explore the effect of diet. Sweet Potato consumption for example. Many T-Nationers participated in that debate.


Zap...how is it we disagree on so much, but sometimes you're my hero? :slightly_smiling:


I think I read somewhere that you never see any black swimmers cos they dont float as well as whites due to body composition differences.


This is true. We also should not be fed after midnight.




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Aleksandr brings up two very good points, especially in regards to IQ. The tests are horribly slanted - take a look at the info surrounding a test called the BITCH (not making that up).



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I never heard of that movie.

We have been saying that about a guy I played rugby with in the late 80's. Everytime he got drunk he would stare at you and you were never sure what was going on in his twisted mind.

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