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Race for Plates!


Hi ladies, this is not a log.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to race for plates?

Right now I think Hallowed and I are in a slow race for the 35lbs plates for the bench. I'm shooting for the 45s for around fall/winter.

I have the very far away goal of the 25s on the OH press probably fall/winter too.

At this point the squat and dl are not happening(knee problems).

My cardio is not so great but my resolution for this year is to make running a habit(last year it was making the gym a habit).

So if anyone wants to race me to a 10 min mile(that's 4 times around the track) we can do that too. :slightly_smiling:

Anyone else close to that next plate and want to race someone for it?

Oh and don't mind my manservant, he's such tart.


the only plates y'all are racin for are in my kitchen.


The idea of women lifting weights...

Your tiny woman hands are meant for forks and spoons and mops and such...not barbells


One plate BP I'm in.
105x3 my PR so a long way to go!

2plate DL I'm in!
195x5 PR... this one I can almost taste.


I'm 105 for 3 too but I feel close for that. I think I could get it next month but I want to go slow make sure my form is good. So I'll be testing 115 end of March I think.

Slow race. lol



You should not have knee pain deadlifting! If you are, it probably means you are lowering the weight to the ground very slowly and controlled. That's not right! On the way down, once it gets to your knees, you have to let that shit crash. You will never see someone deadlifting heavy who does it otherwise.

Jogging is much harder on the knees than a proper DL. If you can run you can deadlift!

Sorry to derail the thread I just want everyone to deadlift and be happy.


I'm in! I want to pull two plates, bench one plate, press two 25's. All won't happen for a few months but definitely this year.


also, manservant creeps me out.


I'm in for the 225lb deadlift, but I wont be conventional DLing for the next four months. I'm doing a BBing program until then and switching to 5-3-1 after I've put a little muscle on. Until then, rack pulls and straight-legged DLs.

Speaking of which, let's do another race: 300lb rack pull for reps. I have a feeling this one will happen for me within the next 3 months.

Edit: I'm so used to thinking in numbers. This is plates. I guess 315lb rack pull it is.


I think it was the squat that caused the problem actually, just waiting for the knee pain to not be there when I dl, I will be trying next week. Things are way better since dropping the lowerbody lifts and doing buildup sprints and then running.

There is NO pain during the running or sprinting(build up sprinting not from a dead stop).

When I stopped the lowerbody lifting sitting down on the toilet, getting off the toilet, pushing my foot in my boot. Hurt my knee. I just needed to stop for a while. Bent knee + pressure = pain.

So that's squat and dl and dead stop sprinting, hills, stairs(up and down). Front of the knee pain right knee only(the good knee).

Will give the dropping the weight thing a try when I add dls in again.

I was rdling the weight down on my dls not sure if that makes a difference or not, I can't remember where I read that as a recommendation when dling.


What about my personal trainer?



This sounds stressful...... BUT FUN!!

I don't know what I should pick for my plate-ness?

Can we do like a plate plus a ten for some stuff? Lol.

I got a 220x3 for my DL, so I know I can get two plates, but it will take me like 2 years to get three, ha.

WHATEVER OKAY yes, this is a very SLOW, slow, turtle race. I can dig that

I want a 1 plate bench, a 25-er plate military/OHP whatever the kids call it these days, a 3 plate DL, and a 1.5 plate squat (175 poundish?)

MMKAY I'll meet you at the finish line next year, heh.


I knew you'd show up in here Spock. :wink:

The 25s on OH press for me will be slow too.

So if you are almost at 2 plates on the DL maybe a race with someone for 275(2 plates plus the 25s)?


Im in it for:
1 plate OHP...hit 115x3 today
2 plate squat....currently at 205
3 plate DL...currently at 284
and bench is way too in the middle..... around 150lb.




Fuckin sav OHP! My gawd...
my current OHP goal is one hundo but I can run for the 25s.
um, 85x3 last max week... maybe two more cycles? I dunno!


I'm in!
Me wants:
DL 2 plates (currently at 185)
bench 1 plate (currently at 100)
squat 2 plates (currently at 150)


I think your bench puts you in the race for the 35s with Hallowed and me. :slight_smile:


It's on!


<----is interested in this thread. Grabs kettlecorn and waits.


Hallowed will prolly eat me alive... but I'm gonna give her a run for her money!


ponies up<

I'm in--

Spock and Melanie-you're on for a 3 plate DL.

Melanie-what's your OHP goal? Race to 125? My bench is about the same as your too...I'm thinking 1.5BW which is about 180.