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Race for 350 Bench.


Sorry if there is already something like this here! I am at about 319 right now (145kilos) and am getting ready to do a 3 week Smolov jr routine and am hoping that this will put me up closer to the 350 mark.

I figure that the distance between 315 and 405 in bench is enormous so why not have a good middle ground for us inbetweeners.

Anyway started Smolov jr today

100kg 6x6.

Wednesday plan is to do 7x5 at 105.

Anybody else shooting for 350/160 kilos?


i did 345lbs this monday .. next week 350 is in my sights!


Nice i have a few weeks (possibly months) to go. What plan (if any) are you using? My 7x5 was pretty easy today. 8x4 at 115 on Friday for me, should be far less easy.


thanx man. I have been doing my own program, so the day when i bench heavy i do 6x3 and follow it with volume pressing like military for 3x15. on the other upper body day i do close grip bench 4x6, weighted dips 4x6, and overhead tricep extension with DBs 3x10. I also found that strengthening my upper back has added some stability to my bench so don't neglect that


Okay, I'll join. I'm shooting for 300 in the next week or two, here. After that, it's on to 350. I'll be hitting 315 in the process, which is another big milestone for many, but I'll be getting it for reps, not a single - maybe. I'll be hoping to hit 350 maybe by this time next year, possibly earlier. Depends on how long my football season goes for.

Goal list:

305 in a week or two.
335 before August 8.
350 before February 2013.
375-385 before I graduate from high school (June 2013).
405 before I start college (August 2013).
500 before I graduate from college (May 2017).

All RAW. Let's do it.



Yea, Smolov is the first time I have ever actually used a bench program, even though its not really a bench specific program, and its only a 3 week one. When is your next max planned Ellis?

CS, I like the long term planning of your goals. You think you can put on 100 plus lbs in 16 months? The first time i started benching frequently I jumped from 215-315 in about 11 months but that was newb gains and a lot of fat. How long have you been benching with Coan now?


Yes, I think I can. I've been benching with Eddy for about 12 weeks now.

This will also be interesting because I'm going to try and keep my BW under 225 for the most part for the next 4-5 years.



well this coming week is my planned deload,then a 3 week cycle that leads up to week 4 of heavy singles and hopefully new PRs


What is your height and weight right now?

I am already over 225, about 242 but at 6'5. I have actually lost weight since the beginning over the year (7lbs) and put at least 22 pounds on my bench somehow.


So it looks like Ellis might win this thing in a month. I did 10x3 at 115kg (253lbs) today. I have 8 more planned bench sessions in the next 16 days, going to be absolutely brutal. I am not sure how much I should jump next week, whether I should move all weights up 5kg or 2.5kg total. By the end of this program I would be trying 125 (275) 10x3 if I moved at a 5kg pace. I think that is what I will go for but not sure how successful it will be. Hitting 150 (330) at least in the next 3 weeks though.


I'm 5'7" on a good day and I'm usually between 190-195 lbs, depending on the time of day.



I'm in - hit 315 just before I took some nice time off at Christmas. Before htat I hit 295 in competition in early November.

Since January I have ben training purely Westside and eyeing a meet on JUne 2nd - if I hit 330 in competition I will be a very happy Panda - might not seem like much of an increase (35 lbs in 6 months) but for me the fucker goes up slow.

WHat is everyone doing for their bench. I am excited with Westside so far and I have a feeling (because I haven't maxed out since I started Westside) it has done more for my bench than anything else. Prior to that I was doing 5/3/1 for powerlifting (5/3/1 wiht heavy singles) but I stopped progressing on that once I reached the 300 mark.

I'm 5'10" ~235 lbs



Welcome! 35 pounds in 6 months would be nice if you could keep that linear for a year or two,385, 455, still its not that slow really. Bench seems not to fly up for most people once they get into the higher weights. How long have you been on westside?

I have been doing my own thing, nothing really specific. For the first few months of the year i was working up to a few heavy singles and then do a little bit of back off work, then some CGBP and incline stuff, along with a few basic trap movements. Since the end of Feb I started focusing more on my squat so I have been in maintenance mode more or less with bench just doing high rep stuff (usually) and started working more on OHP and recently on dips.

Last week started Smolov jr. For bench, 8 more sessions to go before I see the results. Definitely feeling it 4 sessions in though.


I'm in. My PR right now is 335, and I was on the cusp of blowing past that before I started dealing with some injuries in like January. I've been taking it easy getting some life shit taken care of, but I'm ready to hit the gas pedal again.

I'm going to do a basic linear volume based approach, until I start stalling out, then probably figure something else out.


Just hit 305 tonight, so the 300 barrier has been broken! Been chasing that forever. Now, I'm looking for 335 before the end of summer. I think I got another 30 lbs in me before in-season football practice starts. I'm hoping to keep my body weight the same. I usually lose weight during the summer, but I'll be eating for maintenance.



UofH what injury problems did you have? Were they directly related to your bench pressing?

Congrats on breaking the 300 barrier CS, that was a mental mind fcuk for me the first time I got there. What position do you play?

I did workout #5 for smolov 105kg 6x6, not too bad at all today!


I play some strong safety and outside linebacker. I know, I'm big for a safety.



I have a couple BS things I'm dealing with, but one was directly related to benching. I was doing a Josh Bryant program and I liked it, but it was pretty much linear stuff working up to heavy reps. I was in the late stages and feeling a bit bit up. I was doing some neck/trap stretching in between workouts, and felt something go in my left upper back/trap/neck area.

It got real tight and was fucked up for awhile. Its much better now. Only thing I learned is that the LAX ball is your friend, and finding the offending bits and pieces in the upper back and neck is important when pushing it hard like that.


About the same size as me so I will be following how you do on this program. What kind of grip distance do you use? I started using a closer grip several months ago so with my long arms it a huge ROM but I finally feel more comfortable benching.


CS, you are definitely a thick safety, esp at the high school level.

UofH, seems like an extremely random injury, glad to hear your healthy. What do your working sets look like?

Sufiandy, I have also moved my grip in recently. It used to be my pointer finger (longest) on the ring or just inside of it. In the last few weeks I have moved it so I have my pinkie onto the ring, helped my shoulders and overall comfort significantly.