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Race and Strongman Comp.


An un-PC question:

I'm sure everyone who has watched any strongman competitions has noticed the overwhelming preponderance of Nordic/Slav competitors and the virtual absence of people of African/Latin descent.

Why is this? Is it the colder climes producing a stockier, thicker body? Is it cultural? Is it (probably) a combination of the two?


I gotta admit, I have noticed the same. I think there may be a genetic element but it isn't near enough to explain it otherwise we would see more samoans (sp?) involved and some of the other big race.

The nordic people seem to have a tradition for weird sports. I recently read about the sauna competitions. I forget the temps they were using but it was extremly dangerous. Those guys seem to like to endanger their lives for competition. I think it helps when you ask someone to lift weight that could really crush them if they don't care if they die. I think they may still hang onto some of the old viking view of life and death.



I'm thinking it's environmental. I think living in the "Relativly" harsh environments the nordic people live in breeds a heartyer stock. So while it could be considered racial, i think it's predicated on environment.



Think it along the same lines as why these races don't play badminton...


Hey guys I have known quite a few Scandanavians through college athletics and I have one point for this arugment. There is no NFL for the big viking guys to go play in. The percentage of the big strong guys that have nothing else to compete in is a lot greater in those countries. What would the arena of American strenght athletics look like if there were fewer pro sports? Well thats my view, plus the fact that many of those guys are genetically disposed to be monsters and have trememdous competative drive.


Perhaps it's simply due to the popularity, or lack thereof, of these sports in certain regions/countries and/or among certain ethnic groups


Just a quick note about the people who live up north. A friend from Norway once told me (regarding cold weather), "There's no bad weather, just bad clothing." Tough, weird suckers.


Pretty much what I was going to say... I am sure there are plenty of people of african decent that are big/strong enough to be competitive in strongman/O-lifting/power liftng but you will find them on the field/track instead.

Also arent people of african decent (at least certain regions) predisposed to a higher percentage of fast twitch muscle fibers along with other strength/sport related benifits? I swear there is an article on this, I believe it may even be a T-Mag article.