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Race and Intelligence


I want to know, realistically, if there is any link between race and intelligence. I look at the stae Africa is in, and it made me wonder. When europeans colonized it, it was actually in much better condition, and when they left, Africa went to hell. Whats anyones opinion?


No matter what is your color, this man is smarter than you.

That is my opinion.


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The potential of having high intelligence exists in humans of all walks of life. Whether or not it's taken advantage of depends more on where the person is in the world and their own desire for knowledge, not their color.


this is an accident waiting to happen.


Maybe Africa went to hell because the Europeans were less interested in colonizing, and more interested in scavenging resources.


In "Guns, Germs, and Steal" Jared Diamond says... NO.


LOL. That settles it then.

Evolution affected Africans, Asians, Europeans, Arabs, and Caucasians differently in every way but intelligence.

Edit: *evolved differently in every way but intelligence


There are unequivocally differences in the AVERAGE intelligence levels of men of different races. There are highly intelligent individuals of all races and low intelligence members of all races, but the numbers are not distributed equally.

The white curve is probably 10-20% ahead of the black curve, the asian curve slightly ahead of the white curve, and the Ashkenazi Jews in the farthest right position on the graph. These measured differences in intelligence are strongly corroberated by the differences in civilization development between the races.

My IQ has been measured around 125, which is well above average, but not highly intelligent. In my life I have known hundreds of white people who were smarter than me and maybe 10 blacks who were smarter.

Fuck the liberal assholes who use retarded shit like cultural relativism to explain the differences, then call the white man a natural racist to justify the condition of Africans. I am not a racist in the slightest, feel no loyalty toward my race, and look down on people who do regardless of who they are. I am simply speaking of reality and no one whom I haven't mistreated in some way has a valid complaint against me.


...or maybe it's because Africa has always been the most violent continent on Earth since long before a white man ever set foot there.


Intelligence is useful to all "races." Other adaptations were favorable for local conditions. You're a joke.


This is the dirty little thing that no one wants to talk about. Certain races have more pronounced lactose intolerance, differences in eye color, hair color, adaption to diseases, and other things.


I don't think it matter on a one to one basis. a sample size of you or me can't have general stats applied to the case, but it might for various groups, but no one wants to seriously talk about this. First, what good will it do? Most people if they apply themselves have more than enough intelligence to do most things required. And as for the Doctor, engineer, Scientist type of jobs, few go into them anyway.

So it doesn't really matter in any sense to me. I see a lot of stupid white people every day where I live and most are stupid because of lazy , not actual raw intelligence. That's what needs to be figured out.


Is it eaqually useful? I would tend to believe that people who had to struggle against thier environment to survive would have had to use more of thier brain and thus could percievably have a slight disposition to higher intelligence. Whereas people who could live in a grass hut with little clothing year round would have used thier intelligence on hunting and gathering more, so thier predisposition would be in those areas.

I'm not making a difinitive statement, i'm just saying it wouldn't suprise me if some scientist some day said this was how it went down. Also it's not a black white thing so don't go there. Lots of cultures and races live on the equator and lots of cultures and races live closer to the poles in colder tougher climates.



There is. East Asians are the smartest, followed by Caucasians, then Black people and Hispanics.

For ex, the difference in IQ score (average) between black and white Americans has remained almost unchanged over the past century, despite improvement in living conditions for black people.



Richard Lynn published a controversial book on this subject 3 years ago. After reviewing over 600 studies, he concluded that racial differences do exist, and can be explained by both genetic and environmental differences.

Someone mentioned "Guns, Germs, and Steel". I think Diamond would argue that any genetic differences in racial IQ are ultimately due to environmental differences, given the climate, resources, etc. of the geographical locations in which various peoples evolved.

All of that said, I guarantee that irrespective of racial averages, there are plenty of people out there from every other race that would blow your IQ or mine out of the water.


This topic always seems like the secular version of creationism. I don't know that anyone gets what I mean, but it just comes off that way to me.


Race does not really exist. Culture does though. Many tribal cultures do not understand the notion of property or property rights because their cultures are still very communal and hence also have a very narrow division of labor. Civilization can only based on an ever expanding division of labor and productivity.

Europeans brought civilization with them with an expansion of the division of labor and property rights -- as well as nations and borders (not that I consider government civilization). When the Europeans left the borders stuck but the notion of property did not. This is the source of much of their conflict -- too much government and not enough private property.


People who intend to make a long term home of a place do not scavenge resources. They have to preserve them and figure out how to expand them.

Africa would never have been colonized had this been true.


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