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Rabbit, Pigeon, and Pheasant Meat

Ive the opperatunity to shoot and keep the above animals and as their in abundance im thinking FREE MEAT woop woop.
Whats the deal with these animals with regards to protein and fat levels would it be a benefit to add them into my diet???

thanks neil.

I have eaten all the animals you mentioned and they are all quite leaner than most animal meats. They have a gamy taste, but thats not necessarily bad. Eating them is a good idea, they are usually much healthier than most animals walking the Earth.

Rabbit - Very Lean meat. Amazing in stews

Pheasant - slightly fattier(like duck). Kinda gamey. Roasted + red wine = Heaven

Pigeon - lean but why bother? tiny ass bird with almost no meat on it.

Random/Stupid questions - does the bullet leave any toxins to be cleaned?

I dont think leaving in the bullet will cause any problems, only if you swallow it might it be a problem. It was considered nothing to be eating any of the above mentioned animals, and spitting out a pellet or two onto the plate. Where I am from in Rome, it is considered standard on a menu to include both rabbit and pigeon. Most people would find this gross, but its what I grew up on.

I do agree with Evil1, in that these meats are quite tasty and healthy as well. Since all of them are very active animals, you wont find much fat on them at all. For this reason, you might want to cook them on a low to medium heat to not burn or dry them out.

Do a recipe search for pheasant, dove/quail (can be used for pigeon since they are cousins to dove).

Never cooked rabit other than in a stew but you can do a search for rabbit recipes as well. Enjoy, you lucky individual, you.

The USDA Nutrient Database has the nutritional info:


Pheasant has delicious flavor but can be tough and dry. I always brine the meat. I never bother with the legs or thighs, as they are just too tough and rubbery for me.

I’ve eaten plenty of wild rabbits in my time. Cottontails are very good fried or baked just like chicken. Very lean healthy meat.


Rabbit is definitely very lean, but tasty. What’s that called with hunters who only eat rabbit? Rabbit starvation or something? It’s so lean that there’s practically no fat on it.