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Rabbit Meat?

What is the value of rabbit meat for bodybuilding? Rabbit meat is one of the meat with the has the less environnemental impact. I think it tastes awesome and it seems that rabbit are not too hard to breed.

And what about frog legs? how about chicken wings? Ostrich? Horse? etc, etc etc.

Yeah, I think you answered your own question…

Civet de Lapin. Yum

I think rabbit is stringy and gamey. If I shoot a few hunting I mix mine with 80/20 ground beef and do beef enchiladas or other dishes that have heavy/rich sauces.

To answer your question directly, I would agree with JFG, a gram of protein from animal flesh is a gram of protein…

Don’t think anything is wrong with it, just keep in mind the fat content is minimal and it has to be cooked through, I’ve had it a bunch german style stews and soups that are great for dealing with the game flavor. Sometimes I’ve purchased half rabbits when in the mood for that flavor and it’s not the same, the flesh is way mild tasting and can be barbequed if your going store bought, and not actual wild rabbit.

If you barbeque or cook over flames you might want to debone first, those bones stay bloody a good long while until you get some experience, as the meat dries out can cooks really fast due to low fat content. I think if you want something really nice tasting you could do like a walnut oil dipping sauce for the meat so you can get some fats in…

I’ve been repping this oil, big time treat for people who enjoy lean meats. http://lanogalerawalnutoil.com/ If you can find some walnut oil, even inexpensive sort will make the lean meats delectable. Cold pressed, by itself don’t bother trying to infuse it… It’s perfect as a stand alone dipping sauce just like a good olive oil is for bread.

Rabbit Au Gratin de Gelatin under Tooled Leather is a personal favorite.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
Rabbit Au Gratin de Gelatin under Tooled Leather is a personal favorite.[/quote]


How can u eat rabbits they are so cute wtf.

If you like rabbit you will love guinea pig.