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I watched an an old friend of mine, who is on a.a.s, train legs at my gym last night he has been a competitive bodybuilder in his time and at 5’6’'ish has massive legs and an equally large ass. I asked him why he used such a short r.o.m on the leg press (not even 90deg.) he said he didn’t want his ass to grow anymore. Will short r.o.m quad dominant legwork stimulate growth in all athletes or is his experience clouded by a.a.s and superior genetics in his obviously gifted legs.

personally i dont agree with it. i go heels to ass on all squats, knees to nipples on leg press, and while yes, my ass grows, i feel about 90% in my quads. try a superset/prefatigue of leg extns and leg press if you are really worried about this.

There are much better ways to take the ass out of the movement and get extra stresss on the quadriceps then just using short partial range leg presses. His real reason for doing this is most likely to show off by moving a ton of weight…his excuse for doing it is that full range leg presses make his ass too big. Show him a really tough exercise that really does stress the quads over the glutes such as one legged ski squats with 5x20 second pauses on the way down and I’m sure he won’t be near as apt to perform these as they require no weight and thus have no potential ego boost.

3 main issues with the leg press is the angle of the machine as well as the angle that your back makes in reference to the machine as well as the foot positioning. These are 3 very important variables. A high foot position will allow the glutes to stretch even more. This will involve the glutes even more. Also a tighter back to machine angle will allow for more weight because of less range of motion. Now if some one wants to use the leg press to workout quads, they should use a low foot positioning. This position personally makes me uncomfortable and i feel puts a lot of stress on my knees. The full squat is such a greater range of motion for the quads but few will ever do it. laters pk