R-Man's Small Guy Log


135lbs 10 x 10

Bench Press
135lbs 4 x 15 8 x 6

What a debacle. I missed an entire week with anticipation of going camping in the adirondacks. Never happened of course :frowning:

I’m back in it this week.

Tried GVT for the first time, and it was a fucking blast. The weight was ridiculously light, even for 100 reps. However, my back wasn’t feeling so hot. The back injury is still lingering, although it was the best it has ever felt.

Would it be a sin to try GVT every week?
Felt like I could’ve accomplished it with at least 175lbs…

[quote]Tumbles wrote:
RiVaL6 wrote:

5 whole eggs
4 slices of bacon in between 2 slices of whole wheat bread

lol that probably tastes really good but looks disgusting[/quote]


I ain’t no top chef, but I do know its got 50+ grams protein


1 mile jog

Lat Pulldown
120lbs 10 x 10

Hammer Strength Transverse Row
3 plates 7 x 8-10

superset w/sagittal row
1 plate 1 25lber 3 x 10

Standing EZ Curls
75lbs 3 x 8

TIRED. Took a midday nap.

I’m really liking GVT. It’s a different type of burn and soreness. I think I shall continue using it… every workout. LoL. Hope I don’t burn out.

Holy shiite im sore


Barbell Bench Press
225lbs 4 x 5

DB Bench Press
90’s 3 x 8

Blast Strap Push Ups
3 x 20

Bad diet today and woke up late. Wasn’t feeling 100%.

Did a ton of cluster sets and push ups that I didn’t add into the log.
Decent workout.
Ran out of protein.

i am doing gvt training right in and have some good results in the past, its a fucking tough workout can get a little boring though sitting in the one place for such a long time, good luck

i appreciate it

i actually dont mind standing in front of that power rack for 15 mins.
every set is like another mission.

its crazy cuz set 6 would be easier than set 2, and vice versa.

im gonna GVT for my squat session tomorrow. cant wait.


45lbs 1 x 25
135lbs 1 x 8
225lbs 3 x 8
245lbs 1 x 3
275lbs 1 x 1
300lbs 1 x 1
185lbs 2 x 8/1 x 10

So I didn’t do GVT tonight. I figure I mix up the rep schemes weekly to keep it exciting.
Hit 300lbs tonight for the first time, in a long time.

Knee injury (torn MCL) not from lifting
out for 7 months

Back injury
out for 4 months

And finally, tonight, my back is BACK. Full force bitches. Time to start pushing the real weight.

Had a chance to pick up some supplements today.

6lbs of Nitro-Core
B complex
Vitamin D3
Milled Flaxseed

Ordering some carlson’s liquid fish oil later on.

Cooking some chicken.



Quad Set (SABO rows 70lbs, double arm BO row 120lbs, long bar row 4 25lbs plates, pull ups)
3 x 10

Seated Rows
70lbs 1 x 25
100lbs 1 x 15
120lbs 1 x 15
150lbs 1 x 15
120lbs 2 x 12
150lbs 2 x 10
170lbs 2 x 12
190lbs 1 x 3

That’s one fucked up rep scheme. I’m sure I did more, but this should suffice.

Back kinda bothered me today. Worked through it though. Definitely an improvement nonetheless.


Bench Press
135lbs w/bands 3 x 12
155lbs w/bands 2 x 8
135lbs w/bands 1 x 3
155lbs w/bands 1 x 3
175lbs w/bands 1 x 3
195lbs w/bands 3 x 3

Incline DB Press
60’s 1 x 12

Hammer Press
2 Plates 1 x 6
1 Plate 1 x 12

Blast Strap Push Ups
4 x 12

superset w/ push ups
4 x 10

Low Flies
80lbs 2 x 12

Mid Flies
80lbs 4 x 10

High Flies
80lbs 2 x 8
95lbs 3 x 10


felt strong on the bench with bands. Only the second time using them and already I feel an improvement. I only wish that my gym would get a bench from EliteFTS so we wouldn’t have to rig the bands. I feel like my endurance has increased dramatically since the start, and it’s only been a month now?
I’ve been using TBT prior to using this split. Still feel as if my muscles can use more frequency, but I also feel that my strength has been steadily increasing with this ‘project’.
I got deadlifts tomorrow, which I’m excited for. I hope my back holds up.

I’ve been lifting with a partner for the past month, and our strengths are slowly polarizing. I’ve been seeing much more improvement.
My partner doesn’t use any supplements. He said he eats well, but the supps I take are obviously giving me the edge. More power, speed on the bar, and endurance.

My weight is up to 155lbs, up from 145lbs from where I started. I shall focus more on my diet, but I also believe I’m still making steady gains.

gaining weight on a clean diet is tough


135lbs 3 x 8
225lbs 3 x 5
275lbs 1 x 5

Pull Ups
3 x 12

Ow, my, back. Sticking to squats for another 2 months until my back fully heals. This SUCKS!!!



swings,snatches,reverse lunges, presses, cleans, etc
35lbs kb

pull ups
push ups

i just wanted to sweat today


Bench Press
45lbs 1 x 15
45lbs 3 x 8
135lbs 1 x 8
185lbs 2 x 8
225lbs 1 x 5
225lbs 1 x 4

45lbs 2 x 12
135lbs 2 x 6
225lbs 2 x 5
275lbs 2 x 3
295lbs 4 x 1

Pull Ups
a lot of sets and reps

When I lift, I like to think I’m in the ‘zone’. My music is dialed up high and I’m angry and definitely not sociable. The bar becomes organic, something like a force of energy I must conquer. I barely notice anyone around me, and if I do, I hate you. You’re in my way, you’re in my zone. I take satisfaction knowing that you can’t penetrate my aura, because you know you feel it too.

Tonight was a brilliant session.


45lbs 1 x 15
135lbs 2 x 8
185lbs 4 x 12
225lbs 3 x 5
225lbs 4 x 2
225lbs 1 x 5

another brilliant session

My legs feel like jello and my back feels amazing.


45lbs 1 x 10
135lbs 2 x 15
185lbs 3 x 12

Bench Press
45lbs 1 x 15
135lbs 1 x 8
225lbs 3 x 1
245lbs 3 x 3
245lbs 3 x 1

DB Bench Press
45’s 1 x 15
75’s 3 x 12

Push Ups
a bunch of em

a bunch of em

Wasn’t feeling 100% tonight.
Probably from all the drinking over the weekend.


100lbs 3 x 10
170lbs 2 x 8
190lbs 2 x 8
210lbs 2 x 8

75lbs 2 x 15 1 x 25

Inverted Rows
60 reps

Pull Ups

Had my post workout meal about 2 hours after :frowning:

1.5lbs cheesesteak wrap with fries coleslaw and pickle @ diner


some kettlebells
lots of push ups


Bench Press
45lbs 1 x 15
135lbs 1 x 3
225lbs 1 x 5
245lbs 1 x 3
265lbs 1 x 1

Weighted Push Ups
4 x 8
progressively working up to 4 plates on my back

DB Bench Press
80’s 2 x 8

Bench Dips
lots and lots with weight

Cable Flies
lots and lots


175lbs 10 x 10

started feeling light headed on the 8th set


225lbs 5 x 8

Seated Rows
100lbs 1 x 15
150lbs 1 x 12
190lbs 2 x 12

squats went up for sure.
was a bit tired last night.

gotta get a bit more serious.


185lbs 6 x 10
1 x 8
2 x 6

Pull Ups/Dips superset
2 x 10

Lower back pump was getting so intense that my left quad was going numb
I felt like pushing through the pain wouldnt be beneficial so i stopped there