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R.I.T-Cell USAPL Push/Pull Pics

Here are some pictures from the 2004 USAPL Rochester Institute of Technology Push/Pull Challenge. The RIT-cell put forth a decent effort.

First, Joe Delgado preparing to bench 450. (he got it)

David Bellanca pausing his winning 500lb bench, from this bad camera angle.

Setting up for my 3rd DL attempt @ 500lbs.

The judge’s arm is on its way down-- good lift.

I ended up winning the 198lb University Class.

damn awesome job…ijust saw these pics…is that a university meet…u got osme strong dudes at that school…bm

Nice Job.

bm- no, it was actually an open meet, but it just so happens that most of the entrants were in the collegiate division.

I just got the call this morning from USAPL. Our 132 lb monster, Evan Dana, is the new USAPL NY State Collegiate record holder in both the bench and deadlift. Also, my second in command, Chris Fink, is the new USAPL NY State Collegiate record holder in the 242lb class bench.

I went to the meet in my T-Nation T-shirt. The crowd was small, but enthusiastic. Jared did a good job of getting this organized, and it’s great to hear that some of the guys are on top right now!


The shirt caught my attention. Thanks for coming out, Tim.

a friend of mine competed in this, i was thinking of entering it too…

Really? Who did you know?

i’ll pm ya

Nice, didn’t know we had many big dogs in Rochester. I’m currently going to MCC but will be transferring to RIT in a couple years. Keep up the good work.


Impressive stuff that 500# pull.


Thanks. It was a good time for everyone that participated… we hope to get some more stuff going here in the Rochester area. There’s a lot of potential.