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R.I.P. To The O.D.B

I’m sure any Wu fan has already heard the sad news. Over the weekend, The Old Dirty Bastard passed away. I’ve been listening to his shit since I was 15, and have to say it’s very unfortunate to know such a sick motherfucker is no longer with us.

Anyone have any favorite lyrics, feel free to post.

Rip Old dirty bastartd, aka Big Baby Jesus, Aka, Dirt McGiry

My favorite is;
“God made Dirty, Dirty bust your ass”
I think that is how it goes. From the song “Baby I’ve Got Your Money”. If you have ever heard it you know what I am talking about. Awesome.

" I don’t have a problem with you fucking me, but I got a little problem with you NOT fucking me!"
That and all his references to being “burned” by gonorrhea. Awesome!

Yeah, this news sucked. I was drinking a few 40’s on Saturday when I heard this. Had to pour a little out for my man.

Been listening to Wu since I was a freshman and I repped them as hard as I could.

Everyone hears the bad stories about Ol’ Dirty, but does any one here the good ones, like when he picked a car off of a girl who had been hit.

I’m not going to say he was a great man, but his music and his antics put a smile on my face and many others. I just wish some of us would have told him to slow down.

What was the cause of death? The first thing I thought when I heard it was an overdose of some sort.

ODB was one crazy motherfucker. I like the time he took his old lady and her children to the wellfare office in a limo. I also remeber reading a story about him rapping on someones album and the whole time he was in the studio he wore two pair of sun glasses. Just fucking crazy.

No, natural causes believe it or not.

Haven’t heard much on the cause. It’s no secret that the guy did plenty of “experimenting” but either way, it sucks. No need to dwell on in the cause imo he’s gone.

I’m the crisped breath asshole eater
And if I physically eat it
It only gets sweeter
In the race you’ll lose
I’m sober off boose
Don’t eat the food
An if ya really wanna cum
The cocaine makes your pussy numb
You don’t wan
Yoy don’t wan
Fuck with me
Cause my name is Old Dirty

Another thing thats hilarious is that he used his welfare card for the cover of Return to the 36 Chambers.

(Obviously they made some changes to it but I think it is his actual welfare card)

“That means Ho, you’ve been shitted on. I’m not the first dog that shitted on your lawn!”

Dogshit – Wu-Forever

Are you a warrior, killer, slicin shit like a Samauri.