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R.I.P. to Charlie Francis



I have spoken to Charlie’s wife Ange and will briefly recount what she told me:

"Charlie went into hospital on Sunday to prepare for stem cell therapy. We were very excited about it.

"But before you get the stem cell therapy you have to annihilate the disease with chemotherapy. But when you do that, you’re suspect to infection.

"That’s what got the better of Charlie. It was literally within hours.

"James and I were by his side. He was totally lucid. He was tired, bedridden but he had been doing well.

"I was crying. He said, ‘don’t cry sweetie: It’s been a good run.’ And it has been.

"It was fast, peaceful, not too much pain.

“He was protecting me right up to the end. He’s done a phenomenal job… he’s the best.”

Ange said James is coping pretty well. “James is doing pretty good. He’s a little trooper, that guy.”

In reference to Charlie Francis.com and this most remarkable forum, Ange said:
“I do want to keep it alive. I do really want to keep it going. That’s what I’m planning.”

The funeral details will be announced in Toronto tomorrow, but the service will be conducted on Tuesday at Rosedale Presbyterian Church in the Toronto suburb of Rosedale.

R.I.P. to one of the best coaches who ever lived.

I think I’ll read “Speed Trap” again in memorium


Wow, a great mind in training and by all accounts a generous man is lost to us. Condolences to his family.


I didn’t agree with him about much, but always enjoyed his presence in the online track sphere. He made things interesting. I’m sorry he’s gone.

I totally feel for them.

My Dad went in for routine procedures and BAM… He was dead 48 hours later.

That’s really too bad to hear. Charlie is responsible to moving me out of the dark ages of training for sport. Rest in peace.