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R.I.P. Randy Rhoads - 30 Years Today

[quote]roybot wrote:

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And I think Roy is kidding [/quote]

Yep. I was referencing this quote:

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unfortunately, this is all to common with music. Look at all the great artists that died way to early. Jimi hendrix, jim morrison, most of Lynard skynard, janis joplin and Elvis. Not to mention curt cobain and many others.[/quote]

And this thread:


Although RV is bound to turn up with the real scoop on Randy’s death.[/quote]

I rarely talk shit here because #1 I suck at it lol, and #2 everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

So help me Holy Mother Of All That is Holy, if that motherfucker comes in here and trashes RR so help me GOD!..

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I don’t miss SAMA that much. I miss what it was… not what it turned out to be.


and, yeah - RIP RR -

[quote]bond james bond wrote:
Wow, thirty years. I’ve been to alot of shows but the first Ozzy tour in my town I missed for some reason or another and I never got to see him play. Biggest concert regret for sure. My wife did the lucky shit, brings that point up whenever possible.

One of my close friends brother used to take lessons from Randy before he was with Ozzy, probably with Quiot Riot at the time.

As far as I’m concerned Rhoads and Dime are the top. Sucks both my guitar idols died before their prime or just entering it. Now that I think of it all my guitar god posters I put up the dude died or eventually died, the other being Hendrix. Hmmm.

Favorite Ozzy/Rhoads song.


That’s a great live version!! hadn’t heard that…I like that shot too, with the white Marshalls in the background…