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R.I.P. Mike Witmer

"On Saturday, Mike Witmer had a seizure and collapsed after the 3rd Annual Southwest Florida Strongest Man where he was helping out. Witmer was taken by ambulance to Lee Memorial Hospital where he had two more seizures. A cat-scan revealed that he has a plum size tumor in his brain.

Strongman competitor and friend, Tom Mutaffis, reports that “Neurologist were called in and say that without surgery Mike will die. They will be attempting surgery early this week after moving him to another hospital. With or without surgery his chances are not very good.”

Witmer’s best lifts were a 925 pound squat, 600 pound bench press, and 725 deadlift; all achieved in the early 1990’s."


Mike passed away at 10:02 last night, RIP.

Rest in peace Mike.

You will be missed.

A tragic loss of a great competitor and a great person.

Be at peace, Mike.

Go with God


RIP man squat big in heaven!