R.I.P Master Sgt. Yost


I grew up across the street from this hero. I was 10 years younger than him so I never knew him as a friend but as someone I looked up to. I was his Dad and Mom’s neighbor for 23 years and I would always hear his Dad talk about him and what he was doing and how he loved his country and how proud he was to serve his country in the Army as a Green Beret. I pretty much thought this guy was invincible.

I remember watching him ride his 4-wheeler while home on leave and turn out from getting his mail without looking and he got hit by a full-size Ford F-150 doing about 60 miles an hour. My buddy ran in to dial 911 and I ran out to help him after he flew 60 feet to the next driveway. The truck was in the ditch with the 4-wheeler underneath it.

I was 13 years old and scared to death I was about to come upon something I didnt want to see, instead I found him breathing and groaning a bit and in about 10 minutes I found him going against the EMT’s advice and got up shook himself off, thanked me and apologising to the man who hit him and then he walked up his 300 yard driveway after he turned down any more medical attention from the EMT’s.

My brother and sister knew him better than I did but I always knew he was a good man and when his Dad would speak of him I could tell how proud of him he was, you could see his face light up whenever I would ask how Andy was doing. When I got the phone call on Monday it obviously wrecked my day to know that someone that was such a hero in my mind was now gone.

R.I.P Master Sgt. Anthony Yost
My prayers are with his family and God Bless.


If they sent up some kind of account for his kids, please post the information here.

[quote]doogie wrote:
If they sent up some kind of account for his kids, please post the information here.[/quote]

Will do as soon as I get the info.

Thanks Man!!