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R.I.P. Les Paul


Most people have no idea how inspirational and influential he was to music in general and rock & roll specifically.



Damn. Sad news, though he WAS old.


Not only a legendary guitar player, but iconic to the music industry for his contributions to electronics.

It isn't enough that the most iconic electric guitar has his name on it. There would be little in what we know as today's music without multi-tracking, which he essentially invented/pioneered.

This is well ahead of its time:

<--- Gibson "Les Paul" in avatar.


May he RIP.


He accomplished a lot. As a musician (bass), it's hard to imagine a guitar scene without his contribution. Almost every accomplished guitarist seems to have a Les Paul.


People remeber him mostly for his signature guiter but don't forget the dude could shred.


Exactly what I was getting at, SteelyD. When I first started playing guitar when I was a teenager (man, I gotta dust the axe off and get my fingers limber again, damnit), I heard some of the greats (Jimmy Page, Eddie) mention Les so I did my homework on him. And I knew as of last year or so he was still playing guitar on stage, I believe. My hat is off to him.

BTW, Zakk's tone when he played with Ozzy might be my all time favorite. Maybe over Eddie on "Fair Warning". Gotta thank Les Paul for his hand in that too I guess.


I've never really been a big fan of the Les Paul guitar to be honest, but the man is the true definition of a legend in the guitar world and the music world (multi-track anyone?). He will be missed, though he was old (94 years old! and was still playing guitar til he passed!)



We're rocking in your memory, Les.

(Post your Pauls, if you got 'em.)




I need to buy a Les Paul now

or get another Jackson that looks like one

Rust In Peace Senor Paul


Thank you for creating one of the best guitars..

I can't wait for 2009 to be over, tired of influential people dying