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R.I.P. Kirby Puckett



RIP Kirby..


Felled by a stroke. At 45? Did he suffer from ridiculously high blood pressure or something?

Very sad. But the dude was obese - he was over 300+ at 5'8" in post retirement and was overweight most of his playing career. He was just a freak - even as a kid I marveled at how fast he was carrying around a big gut and so much fat. Sort of like Jerome Bettis, if you will, or Ironhead Heyward back in the early 90's.

RIP Kirby.


Sad indeed. I remember him carrying the Twins on his back to win a Ring.

The man loved baseball - even after being forced to retire because of his eye.

Rest in Peace.


they report his death on sportscenter, then proceed to talk about his spousel abuse case, and his arrest for grabbing a woman in a restaurant.

why cant they let people remember him for the great things he did on the field, and for the city, rather than bring attention to the mistakes he made life?


None of us are perfect, we all have skeletons in our closets. Some people's skeleton's are worse than others. I grew up loving Kirby, grew up loving everything he represented, grew up loving his passion not only for baseball, but also his love for the community. I remember to this day the sound of the bat when he hit that game winning homerun in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series. I was jumping up and down crying in joy how awesome it was. I made the mistake of putting him high, too high on a pedestal.

I unfortunately lost respect for him when he sexually assaulted a girl I know. We all make mistakes, beleive me I made my fair share too (however I have never lowered myself to that sort of level), but using your fame, your status, your ego to become above the law, is "hubris" thats going to eventually bite you in the ass. (read last week's atomic dog) Unfortunately there is more to the story, more negative information than the media lets out. And believe me finding this out about what was my childhood hero, especially first hand, was painfully sad.
I live near the Twin Cities, and everyone is praising him as a saint. What False truth!!!

I only hope Kirby had a moment in his life after he did some of those degrading things, where he truly felt sorry for what he did and asked for true forgiveness from the people he threw around, from the people he hurt. Hopefully humility entered his heart before he died.
He unfortunately missed his chance with my friend.

Peace Out


They never proved that.

RIP Kirby Puckett

He was the greatest MN athlete


nah... Dave Winfield.


Im not defending his wrongful actions in any way. we all have skeletons in our closets, and we re in no way perfect. i just feel that people should be remembered for the good they did in life, rather than leaving people with memories of all the mistakes they made.
when i die i would hope that they would say something good about my life, rather than saying...Todd was a great guy, however do you remember the time he stole that CD, or punched that guy becuase he said something.

i guess its different when you are a nobody, those who are in the public eye every second of their lives arent as fortunate. granted i dont know Kirby's entire story..these are just my personal feelings.