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R.I.P. Jim Kelly


Yeah, belated, But VERY few heard about this news anyway.
A true Martial Artist and Co-Star of the Classic ENTER THE DRAGON.
"Bullshit Mr. Han Man!"



The Original Black Samurai


Same old Williams.

I remember reading about how Bruce Lee just let him do what ever he wanted in terms of choreographing his own fight scenes on the set of ETD. Everyone else had to follow Bruce's direction because he was so passionate about what he wanted. It says a lot JK as a martial artist.

RIP Jim....


Wow, Jim shares 'happy coincidence' moment he had with Bruce regarding a renowned teacher that's pretty cool
and that I never knew.
67...still too young to pass away.
He never did that many movies anyway, but one doesn't NEED to...a brief but excellent impression is all that's needed to
be remembered.


Gone too soon.

RIP, papa


"Black Belt Jones", one of my all time favorite films. The guy had class, no doubt. Way too early to go. Damn shame.



Damn I know he had throat cancer but did the QB HOF from the Bills die?


I knew sooner or later someone like 'Derek542' was going to deliberately self-confuse himself even with ALL
the info this knucklehead needed here to clearly discern it wasn't THAT Jim Kelly.
Or he was making a lame assed joke.


I think we've uncovered a conspiracy. Derek's second account is really Jim Kelly and he's been playing an elaborate ruse all along!


lol BK


First thing I thought too.


Lol, I honestly thought that too. It's been a bad time for Jim Kellys everywhere. The QB has to get his jaw removed like that film critic guy which is just as sad. Anyway, heres a fun fact: Jim Kelly used to play for a Houston football team. The Houston Gamblers.