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R.I.P. Isaac Hayes



First Bernie Mac, now Shaft?


R.I.P. Chef


I'm heart broken. Isaac was one of my childhood heroes. When I was seven my favorite record was the theme to Shaft. Shaft was my favorite TV show also. I could really relate to South Park.

It's a bummer, to lose him and Bernie. This stuff usually comes in threes...



What a TOUGH week.

We have lost two "American Originals"

"Black Moses" influenced music from the time he hit the scene in the early 70's with the pivotal album "Hot Buttered Soul"...

"Shaft" just took his influence into the Stratosphere...

Ironically, he and Bernie Mac had JUST wrapped on the Movie "Soul Men".

That's going to be a tough, bitter/sweet movie to watch...

Thanks for the memories, Issac...



This can't be good.


NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't put the dying in three's hex on Samuel L. Jackson. I don't think I could take that.

This is a sad weekend though. I always liked Issac Hayes.




Why can't Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Buffet die instead!

RIP Issac Hayes


And Morgan "Easy Reader" Freeman just barely escaped death not too long ago.

Why did I add "easy reader"? Well....


WTF?! This is crazy!



Ugh... I hate to be a hater (haha), but scientology? Come on, anyone who is involved in that shit has something wrong with them, clearly.

Anyway, R.I.P. Isaac (Pre-Scientology)


Damn, we can't lose Jules!


Wow, that was in bad taste.


Don't know what to say.

Yesterday was shocking enough with Bernie, but now Issac?

With this happening so close after Heath Ledger, you do get a little worried that this might be a new marketing plan for the studios.


I agree! Wol should have said Carrot Top, or Fred Durst!


Man this really blows. I was saddened enough with the passing of Bernie Mac. Now Chef. I hope the bug doesn't bite anyone else.




Playin' "Bumpy's Lament" and drinkin' scotch whiskey... as it was supposed to be...


I though Fred Durst was dead? Or maybe I'm just thinking of his career in music.


Oh my God!..... they killed Chef!


I thought he was a robot...