R.I.P Chris Phillips

R.IP. lovely boy,chris took his own life thro deppression april 28 2007,he was a keen bodybuilder and has a lovely lil boy kian,i was in school with chris and we met back up yrs later,we was both having personal problems with our partners at the time and helped eachother thro advice and phonecalls,lost touch then i started work in sports world and had the shock of my life,chris was taking steroids,was so shocked as he looked 6 times his normal size,and he just seemed different personality wise,

i remember him talking to me about death,a convo between 3 of us and we was all saying what we thought life after death brought,i said re carnation,chris said darkness,and he aint afraid of dying,it plays back in my mind to this day,i wished i realised,chris was a flirty guy with the gurls and also cracked a smile and trying to shake us off the ladders lol yet deep down he had no confidence yes he looked amazing abusing steroids but he didnt need to,

hes a natural good looking boy and to be fair he appeared on tv talking bout roid abuse a month b4 he died,but i do understand not having confidence,not surprising considering his druggie ex,who i personally knew to and washed my hands of her,poor chris,it effected him cus all he wanted was kian to have a tidy mam,was to afraid to leave her as he would have to leave kian till court,by time i started work with chris he had done it and won full custody of his boy,

he got housed with his new girlfriend,he basically took his own life cus he had argument with his girlfriend and obviosly deppression got the best of him,personaly i think it was a cry for help!i dont think he wanted to die and leave kian,its called DEPPRESSION!! i seen a post on here and just wanted to make this known as chris is and always will be in my mind and thoughts forever,R.IP. huni xxx


Hardest thing to deal with, had a very close family member hang himself.

We will never get over a suicide, Just get used to them no being there

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One of my best friends committed suicide in 2007 and I had to help carry his coffin, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Sorry to hear this.