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R.I.P Chris Moore

RIP Chris Moore you’ll be missed and thanks for all the hours of pod casting education/entertainment

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It’s sad to have 3 sports icons, legends in the same month. We lost Ali, Kimbo and now Chris.

It is not fair for his close friends, fans and followers. I hope he is in a better place right now.

Rest in peace, Chris

Sports Icons, Legends? Two of those names do not belong.

Ali is a legend. Chris Moore was an icon in my eyes. Kimbo was one of the most recognised MMA fighters, at least in my surroundings. (if not a MMA fighter, then a badass linked with mixed martial arts)

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kimbo could knock fuck out of most men… but he wasnt exactly the dogs when it came to mma. so no… i wouldnt say he was one of the greatest… just a hard motherfucker off the street.

maybe you are right.

And Ali wasn’t just a boxing or sports icon, he was an American Icon, capital I.

It’s tough when you like an athlete, and they’re a big draw even though most experts would agree that they’re not one of the tops in the game.

Kimbo was a character no doubt, and I’m not gonna rag on how he compared to the most skilled UFC fighters now that he’s passed. I certainly enjoyed his early days as an online backyard brawler.



I think Icon encompasses more than just competitive success. Thats why icons are not necessarily the absolute best (although in Ali’s case he was), they are influential at least to us personally.

Very sad. Chris Moore was a nice dude. And Kimbo definitely meets my definition of an Icon wven though he certainly was not the greatest fighter.

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