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R.I.P. Art Atwood


Just read on Facebook this morning of the passing of former IFBB Pro, and pretty respected contest prep coach (Jason Huh and Steve Kuclo were two recent clients) Art Atwood. I remember first seeing pics of this guy in magazines in the early to mid 90's, and just thinking what a beast he was.

In recent years, I hear he became pretty successful in the supplement business. While I'm sure the details of his death will come out in a bit (a swimming pool was involved, but I'm sure there's much more to it), I'm sure we're going to hear all sorts of blame being battered around as far as what a healthy sport bodybuilding is.



He died in a swimming pool? He was very well known. He had a very blocky structure that made his waist look a mile wide, but he stood out because of overall size.

As far as bodybuilding, there have been far fewer deaths surrounding the sport over the last ten years than previous. Cases like Momo Benaziza are like ancient history now.


I didn't know of him but after some quick research the guy was very impressive.
Very unfortunate that he passed away so young.



Sadly he will be most remembered for that one photoshopped pic all over the web.


This one.


wow, that's him? lol I've seen that pic before.
But in response to the real pic, he was damn impressive indeed.
I had actually never heard of him before this.


Wow he was only 38. What a massive dude.


Here's the original shot.


REALLY big dude. It's a shame he passed.


Met Art back in 04?, really nice stand up guy, and unbelievably massive. Just so thick and wide, and strong as shit.


Luke Wood also passed away recently. Sad story


first thing i thought. =(



stu,first of all,rip art and my condolences to his parents,it is sad that a young atlethe passes away...
about blames,well, are they totally unfounded (i mean,generally not just on art dead and IF roids are involved in his dead)??
I mean,all we know the main role of steroids in all sport and -sadly- in bbing so why we have to hide behind a finger?

this is hypocrisy.
all we can choose; athletes who use steroids know the conseguences,men who smoke or make love without condoms either,so -again- no hypocrisy and also no general bbing discrimination.
just my view,as usual.


According to Art's business partner, he supposedly suffered a heart attack, but again, I'm sure it's pointless to speculate until real details come out. Just a shame when anyone goes, especially someone who seems to have been regarded as a pretty decent guy all around (say what you will about his 'business' dealings).



My assumption is that his 2007 drug arrest and legal process caused his heart terrible stress and possible damage. Steroids always get blamed for weakening of the heart, but life stresses do much more damage.

Dr Dwarf.