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R.I.P. AIC Bassist Mike Starr




aww man...RIP bro, its a shame too many people remember him for celebrity rehab rather than his ability.


Yeah, I saw that last night. RIP.



How'd he die? Article didn't say (unless I skimmed over it).


Just a guess but I would put money on drugs.


Heroine is a hell of a drug.


Damn,.. AIC was one of my favorite bands back in college,.. RIP.



I shit you not, while I was waiting for my PC to fire up just now I randomly pulled out a CD from a rack of 160 or so to look at the cover art while waiting, didn't even bother to look at the title. I selected Dirt. When I was looking at the pictures I was trying to remember the name of the bassplayer and saying to myself "whatever happened to this guy?" lol.

Now I know, weird.


Probably my favorite AIC album.


That's a shame. AIC use to be great. Jar of Flies was my favorite, well-written and gave me an eargasm.


Fuck, that's a shame. I watched that whole season of Celebrity Rehab and Sober House that he was on and I even saw some reunion show that he appeared on and had about six months of sobriety. I've seen a LOT of people get sober, then relapse and die and seeing that shit happen never loses its impact. I remember from the show that he was the last person to see Layne Staley alive and that one of his biggest regrets was not calling an ambulance or something along those lines given that Staley was literally down to about 95 lbs at that point (at a height of 6'1"). Staley died just a few hours after Starr left and I think he never quite got over that. Pretty soon we'll have one of these threads for Charlie Sheen too. Mike Starr definitely didn't "win". RIP.


I think their latest CD is pretty damn good.

Anyway, it's sad. But, i'm not surprised.


So is heroin.


Wow, that sucks. Alice in Chains was my favorite band for most of my teens. I hope his family is ok.


Yes, it's really good.
Here's the title track and tribute to Lane.


so sad


Well there' really no way out of this one is there.


I for you fixed to that?




Showing you that I need your help is all part of my evil seduction plan.