I have used all the E.C.A formulas out there,
including ADIPO and MD6. Now i want to usw the
new RIPPED FUEL EXTREME.but i wont to know what
is the ingredient that added to this formula


The new formula contains 166mg of Coleus Forskohlii Extract standardized for 10% forskolin. It also contains a 1335mg proprietary herbal blend of Guarana, MaHuang, Synephrine, Bioflavanoid complex, Green Tea, Ginger, White Willow, and Cayenne.

whats up with coleus forskoli? EAS is using it to. does it work in the real world or is it the HMB of the future?

coleus is the same thing as Triax II… Tim P said it raised glucagon… I dunno beyond that.

I’ll use MD6 for 3 weeks. Then RF Extreme for 3 weeks and lay off for 2 weeks. I like the extreme, it does get me a little more wired though.

Thanks gays.
So LUKE if you say it is like TRIAX. I am going mess with my thyroid hormone
and that is the last thing i wont.
Last year i did a caycle of clen-t3 and when
i stop i gain 10p in 3 weeks and felt like ****.anyhow if i am going to use how can do it
with out disturb my thyroid hormone?
What are youre opinion on this product GOOD
or BAD?
Thanks for the help guys.

Triax II doesn’t effect thyroid like the original Triax, it just contains Foskohlii. A month or so ago Cy Wilson wrote a supplement review which covered Forskohlii. Use the search engine or scan previous issues.