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R.E.M vs U2 Best 80's Rock Band?

Alright, who was the better band IN the 80’s.

I would say U2 by far.

U2 was less bad.

Though REM had its moments… U2 hands down. Now I just wish U2 would stop reading its own hype and start making great music again.

Husker Du was the better ROCK band.

ROCK? You have it narrowed down to U2 and REM? Jesus. I shant pick one.

Neither of those bands are anywhere near my top 20.

U2 sucks. REM sucks worse.


REM live was pretty good, the albums were spotty.

Buncha no good for nothing hippies with too much time on their hands

[quote]baretta wrote:
Buncha no good for nothing hippies with too much time on their hands


“I worked in the music business for a while. Roadie for Metallica, Speed of Sound Tour…Buncha assholes.”

Having to choose, I’d say REM, only because they were leaders in the “New South” College/Athens “sound”. Better bands in that scene were out there, but few achieved REM’s level of mainstream success.

U2 and REM are both very similar. Both were very ‘indie’ and then had a smash-through LP’s. After that both bands became very hit and miss, generally releasing great singles on otherwise very mediocre albums.

Now, best 80’s “Rock” Band, IMHO? The Minutemen. You owe it to yourself to checkout the DVD ‘We Jam Econo’.

I think U2 is one of the greatest bands ever so of course you know who Im going for.

BTW, they have a record coming out with all their singles on it, plus two new songs, The Saints and Window in the Sky.

They are writing there new record right now in between bono trying to save the world. There new record should drop in 2007.

I refuse to pick between these to bands because they both managed to reach new heights of… sucking. Talk about 80’s rock, at least choose bands who exhibit talent. I put forward Guns ‘n’ roses and Van Halen or even AC/DC.

I wouldnt call r.e.m. rock band, heck not even U2(who might or not be the greatest band ever)I like metallica but my vote goes to skid row.

Biggest pretentious assholes of the 80’s you mean!

I would love to get my hands on that assneck Stipe and smack him around!

U2 had one good album “Joshua Tree”


[center] [/center]

Are we not men?
We are Devo!
We’re pinheads all!

When I was a little kid I was afraid of the song ‘Shrivel Up’ Some scary sounding shit

Van Halen. And Metallica is a metal band.

Honestly, back when R.E.M. first came out with the song “Stand”, I was about 15-16 and I thought they were supposed to be some kind of parody-joke band a la Weird Al, but not as funny. The lead singer’s voice was so nasally and annoying, I thought it had to be on purpose for some pseudo-comedic effect.

I mean really, what the fuck was that song supposed to be about? On top of that, this became the opening song for Chris Elliot’s sitcom “Get a Life!” (no relation to this forum) so you can understand my confusion.

A year or two later, they were being touted as some great, cutting-edge band with actual clout. I’m still shaking my head.

U2? Eh. Their early stuff never really floated my boat, but wasn’t horrible.

Even though they had their roots in the 70’s, I think AC/DC rocked hard enough through most of the 80’s to be my write-in candidate for best 80’s rock band.

[quote]analog_kid wrote:
Van Halen. And Metallica is a metal band.[/quote]

then define rock. And Van Halen was good in the 70’s. By the 80’s they had jumped the shark. Panama!—come on.