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R-ala keeps me awake, I was thinking of splitting the dosage in my protein shake. Does anyone know if it is bad for your teeth or any other reason why I should not split dosage this way?

                                                             Thank you


That's fine.

Why do you feel it keeps you awake? Unless you're letting your blood sugar crash, there is no reason ALA would have this effect.


I take it for a week or so at 100 mg a day. Then I fall asleep like normal but I am wide awake in 4 hours. Normally I sleep 9 to 10 hours soundly.


If you're taking it before bed, you may be having a hypoglycemic reaction. You'll have glucagon and epinephrine release in order to bump up your blood sugar. Overall it's VERY uncomfortable -having experienced a couple myself in my insulin using days.



Thank you for the information. If it happens at the lower dose I will try increasing my blood sugar. Thanks again.