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I have noticed increased mentioning of the supplement R-ALA, how does this product differ from regular ALA, and what are the benefits of this product? Has any one used this product, and seen good results? Is this a good product for anyone? Thanks all help is greatly appreciated.

Without getting into great detail, I’ll leave that for Timbo ;-), r-ALA is a great product whether your gaining or dieting. You’ll get pretty much the same results with ALA but you would need about 4-6 times as much, ie: 100mg r-ALA is equal to about 400mg ALA at the least. Take it before your carb meals and the likelyhood of you storing those carbs as fat lessens.

Thanks, Loopy:-) Actually, I wouldn’t consider myself well-versed on ALA or r-ALA. If one is going to use this supplement, however, I would recommend, without hesitation, r-ALA.

Why? Well, you can find out the same why I did: that nifty little search engine. Tons of great info on the forum.

Here are links to some online suppliers. I just bought a couple bottles from 1Fast400.com.


I’m not sure who the above guys are, but if you got the cash to buy in bulk this is the place to do it)