r-ALA/Hot-Rox for Bulking?

In CTs interview a few weeks back and during his most recent forum I asked about Hot-Rox while bulking, and got some positive feedback from CT and I believe another about the idea.

I’ve always had cool results with Mag10, and I’m about to start a 3 week cycle (double dosing), and follow that with 3 weeks of Tribex, eating big from the beginning and even more toward the end.

What would people’s thoughts be on using not only HR, but some r-ALA, throughout a bulking cycle such as above? Has anyone tried similar? Am I setting myself up to severely limit gains?

I think r-ALA is a staple supplement for a lot of people. As an anti-oxidant, it is quite potent, and it will probably be of benefit post-workout and before carb meals, maybe giving you just a mental edge that you can eat more carbs than usual without gaining fat mass. Vinegar, and Cinnamon, also seem to have a positive effect on blood-glucose levels. In conclusion, the r-ALA will be nothing but helpful.

Yeah I also feel the r-ala would be very helpful. Take before your carb meals to make sure they are shuttled to the proper place and not turned into fat.

Watch that cinnamon; it’ll improve insulin sensitivity, but in adipose cells.

R-ala is a great supp. I second it’s use during bulking, but not for your pwo drink and meal. You are allready in the state that you need to be as far as where the macros are going to be stored.

The use of r-ala during this period has been said to push the insulin effect to overkill. I cant tell you where that is from. Hopefully TT will stop by on this one. I think that is where I heard that one.

Right on Phill! Take Surge as an example; it drops blood glucose within half an hour after a workout! You just don’t need anything more than this. I think some people tend to lose sight of why they’re actually doing things.

what great thread, it has given me info that i was keen on obtaining, thanks guys!!!

Doesn’t r-ala work to clear blood sugar and return it to baseline quicker? If that is the case than it would be beneficial for the post workout meal if you are prone to fat gain.

I would think the R-ALA would be a fantastic supplement for bulking. From what I have read it seems to encourage the storage of glycogen over fat which seems to me could be somewhat anabolic. I don’t think the difference between taking the supplement and not taking it is going to be huge but every little bit counts over time, right?